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Saturday, 12 December 2015، 11:25 AM

Dear Classmates

After finishing the logical statements of "Falaq" sura, please brainstorm on producing needed materials for a workshop titled "Paying attention to the signs of change".

It is better to think about a 30_minute performance only. Do not think that the whole sura should be presented. In this workshop we only plan to define the word "Falaq". a written text as a brochure can also accompany our work. Think about clips or some film parts focusing on tracking the signs, further happenings and also avoiding the occurrence of the event.

The introductory text in the Falaq sura's lesson can be inspiring as:

Waaahh! Waahh!! A newborn infant comes into this world. His family is so impressed by the infant; they are delighted hearing his cry. This world is the world of signs. Crying is the medium between parents and the infant. The newborn feels left vulnerable and cries to soothe himself and calms down in his mother’s bosom. Once feeling hungry, the infant senses the sign and breaks out into cry. The parent interprets this sign and feeds the baby. Once not familiar with signs and not able to use them, the infant would perish. In Quran “sign” is referred to as “Falaq”. It is also the case with every one living on this planet.

Good luck

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