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This school plans to introduce Quranic concepts to people familiar to foreign languages and train talented translators, preachers and educators in order to introduce Quran worldwide to the ones we have responsibility for...

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By honors, The "School of Unified Ummah of Mercy" or SUUM plans to begin a new "Tadabbor" course in order to broaden the number of its members. The members are served as preachers, translators and educators of the Quranic concepts. The following points should be considered:

1. Volunteers should have at least the upper-intermediate level's certificate in English especially being master in speaking and writing. An interview is planned for evaluating the volunteers.

2. The priority is with students studying in the field of Foreign languages and literature.

3. The course is planned to be 12 sessions; and consequently, as an output a conference is expected to be performed by the class attendants .

4. The course is presented bilingually, mostly in Farsi excepting some parts such as free discussions, etc.

4. The class would be on Saturdays at 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

5. For Pre-registration please call: 88962724 or Visit the school Director - Miss Esfahani

 Add: #25, 2nd floor, 16th Azar st, Ahlebayt School

The class is held at: #1437 North Kargar Ave., Enqelab Sq., Tehran, Iran, Quran-Etrat school

Wish You Luck

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  • Foreign Language School

Dear All

I would like to thank each of you for your efforts and "Qiam". I really enjoyed every thing.

I want to apologize the ones whose work were not completely presented and I pray

for you; may God bless you.

Our class is cancelled this week(The 15th of esfand). The next session would be held

the week after and i guess, it is our last session in year 93.

We do have many works to do...

As the homework for the next session, Please:

1) Think about a program or homework for the coming vacation; we should follow our progress just

like the nature, we should match ourselves with spring.

2) Apply one of the methods of "Tadabbor" you like more on "Kaferun" surah and draw a diagram for it

(you can also refer to Tafakkor book to only read through the surah and after finishing the homework

you can check yourself with its statements and Diagram- please)

Thank you all again ...

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  • Foreign Language School

To those who have not handed out their exams:

1. The course has its own rules.

2. Not delivering the exam would be considered as dispensing the course.

3. The delivery would be accepted till Monday.

4. The mentioned persons would not have the permission to participate in the class.

Thank for your cooperation

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