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Homework #27

Saturday, 16 January 2016، 12:30 AM

Dear Classmates:

1. According to the new lesson, read through "Al-Rahman: The Merciful" sura and find Ehkam or general verses (independent from substrates).

After finding those verses, Please compare them in a table from pure and impure point of view.

Then introduce the verses aiming towards Ehkam as General(Ehkam) components and the verses aiming towards details(Tafsil) as general to detail(Ehkam to Tafsil) components.

Finally focus on the refrain verse in the sura and draw the diagram pointed out in Homework #25.

2. Do remember to gather the translated words till now and email them as soon as possible for our telegram channel feed.

3. We are still waiting for finalized "Falagh workshop" program (Although it has already been postponed)

4. Bear in mind to summarize the methods mentioned in this book for our conclusive session

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