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۱ مطلب با موضوع «Methods of Tadabbor 1-5 :: Book Four:Surah-Oriented Tadabbor :: Ma'arej Surah» ثبت شده است


In The Name of ALLAH

Al_Ma'arij ( the ways of ascent)

Revealed at:  Mecca

In "Al_Haqqah" sura, we were able to classify the verses of the sura into three groups of " Moqaraboon: the messengers and the nearest believers to Allah; "Ashabe Yamin: the Right_hand companions or believers; and " Ashabe Shomal or disbelievers", as well as the sequential classification of the verses. Additionally, we could introduce each verse of the sura as a reflection of beliefs, actions, traits, causes and effects of two trends of the Truth and the fake_ quasi trend.

Thereby, we will have an overall perception of the sura subjects as well as paying attention to the facts, encouragements and threats presenting in the sura and studying the verses more distinctively.

With respect to the brilliant verses of Qur'an, the world is a place for human to develop and emerge from the darkness (of ignorance or sin) to the light (of recognition of the Truth). Then mankind has an immense capacity of talent which must be activated and used. Therefore, each sura  guides mankind in such a way into an acceptable condition and a destiny gratified by Allah.

The improper( not acceptable) condition is a condition in which human got stuck in his own instinct and nature, or even lower than that, into a deeper layer of darkness ( of sin or ignorance). 

From one's birth in the world, naturally he has a number of traits in his instinct; however, stagnating in these in_born traits and not promoting indicates his recession and immobility. A guided human owns the same natural traits but survive himself through the recession and inactivity by putting himself in the guiding trace.

By this means, each sura verses are dividable into two range of destiny and intention indicator and the range of the darkness condition. By noting to the beforehand mentioned points on stagnating the in_born situation, the darkness condition is also dividable into two conditions; one as a sinful and negative_oriented and the other as the natural condition.

Due to this fact, it is possible to study the sura verses on the basis of improper ( not acceptable) and proper (acceptable) conditions of human. Under this circumstance, using the facilities, blessings and the facts of the world are included in the "proper condition" and the characteristics presenting the natural condition of human or showing the sinful traits are included in "improper condition". It is possible to call the "proper condition"of mankind as his "Fetrat" or God_given instinct and his "improper condition" as his "nature" and also it is possible to evaluate these two conditions merely on the basis of causes and effects and its consequences.

The following topics could lead us to a better recognition of "nature" or "Fetrat"( God_given instinct) aspects of human:

1) The subjects indicate the natural states of human apart from evaluating these states positively or negatively;

2) The subjects demonstrate the human trends;

3) The subjects express the human emotions;

4) The subjects point out the human motivations and intentions.

1st Move: Studying the revere sura of Al_Ma'arij and enlisting its subjects

2nd Move: Classifying sequentially the sura ( Sequential Classification)

3rd Move: Tracking the trends of the sura into the Truth trend and the Fake_quasi trend

4th Move: Categorizing the sura according to the Proper (Acceptable)" and "Improper( not Acceptable)" conditions for human

5th Move: Studying the intention of the sura.

Based on:  Sura_Oriented Tadabbor book



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