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۳ مطلب در مارس ۲۰۱۵ ثبت شده است


Dear Classmates

With the aid of Allah we are moving to our next topic in "Tadabbor" course called "word-oriented tadabbor" or actually

focusing on words as the building block of each surah and also the doors to Quranic concepts.

Our third topic outline is as follows:

3. Word-oriented tadabbor

   3.1. Meaning/Understanding/Examples

   3.2. Word defining forms / Derivatives

   3.3. Definition Literature(Native definition)

   3.4. Commonness in definition

   3.5. Surah Intention - The spirit flowing in words

   3.6. Situation-free and situation-based words

   3.7. Word chain relation

The diagram below shows the topics in brief:

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Dear Classmates

Happy new year! I hope you start a year full of joy and blessings.

For the coming vacation we need to prepare ourselves and do some exercises.

The following table is suggested, but Book #2 and #3 is needed:

Note that the "Reading through" term does not mean detail reading except the case mentioned it only

focuses on gaining a general view on the subject.

God bless you all

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Dear All

I would like to thank each of you for your efforts and "Qiam". I really enjoyed every thing.

I want to apologize the ones whose work were not completely presented and I pray

for you; may God bless you.

Our class is cancelled this week(The 15th of esfand). The next session would be held

the week after and i guess, it is our last session in year 93.

We do have many works to do...

As the homework for the next session, Please:

1) Think about a program or homework for the coming vacation; we should follow our progress just

like the nature, we should match ourselves with spring.

2) Apply one of the methods of "Tadabbor" you like more on "Kaferun" surah and draw a diagram for it

(you can also refer to Tafakkor book to only read through the surah and after finishing the homework

you can check yourself with its statements and Diagram- please)

Thank you all again ...

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