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In the Name Of God

The course outline is as follow and includes 5 general topics:

1. Prerequisites and requirements for "Tadabbor"

   1.1. Practical requirements(First five verses in Baghara soore)

   1.2. Methodological requirements(4 staged mechanism+1 complementry mechanism)

      1.2.1. "Tafakkor" : Decomposition of the system components and discover the relations in the form of statements

      1.2.2. "Ta'aghol": Filtering the resulted statements(General from partial) and derive criteria for evaluation and comparison

      1.2.3. "Tadabbor": What does the understanding has to do to me? synchronization with the understandings and plan to apply them

      1.2.4. "Taharat" : Demonstrate the understandings in practice

      1.2.5. "Ons" : Addition of "Progress" and "Frequency" of referring to Quran in order to complete the cycle

2. Methods of "Tafakkor"

3. Word-oriented Tadabbor(As building blocks of verse and soore)

4. Soore-oriented Taddabor(Classification methods based on soore template)

5. Quran-to-Quran Tadabbor(Usage of a soore to explain the other- soore network)

The partial titles under categories 2 to 5 would be added further on...

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"Tadabbor in Quran" course has the following characteristics:

1. It is a compressed course comprising the first five volumes of Tadabbor methods in quran books published by quran-etrat school publication

2. The course would last in 15 sessions(Each book is covered in 3 sessions)

3. The teaching would be bilingual(Farsi-English) and in some cases arabic is included too

4. The general approach in teaching would be; Teaching the method itself by diagrams and applying the method on a single surah

5. Each session duration would be 2 hours and an extra 1 hour should be devoted to homework and exercises

6. Various exercises are defined in this course such as weblog posts, clips, presentations, etc. It is to be noted that all the hand outs should be in English and be tested in social networks and forums in order to be edited according to the feedback gained.

7. May allah help us all

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Welcome to our course called " Methods of Tadabbor in Quran " in English
In the following posts we would try to depict the goals and discuss the contents of the course in brief
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