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۱۵ مطلب با موضوع «Methods of Tadabbor 1-5 :: "Book One:Prerequisites for "Tadabbor :: Maaun Surah» ثبت شده است


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In The Name of ALLAH

Al_Ma'un: Alms

Revealed at Mecca

Have you noticed to a plunging progress trend of a society in which the influential affluent are pretending to perform their duties for showing off in front of others ??? Why do they do so? Owing to two main facts 1) their intra_personal beliefs; and consequently,2) their inter_personal actions.

Undoubtedly, Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) can easily see and recognize these sort of people who do not expect to be judged one Day ( as they belied the Judgement Day). They do not believe in being obliged to face their merciless and harsh actions toward persons being left alone with no guidance like an orphan (Yatim) beside not enjoining and encouraging others to feed and motivate persons spiritually or materialistically coming to stagnant and inactivity .

Definitely, owing to their individual profits, these disbelievers of the Judgement Day neglectfully perform their prayers in public, not purely and merely for God but, for being seen by people. Moreover, these hypocrites cause to deviate the healthy progressive trend of a society by refusing and impeding aiding even trivial stuff to the needy in that society. Could you guess what may happen to this ill society in the long run??? In That society all people, who can perfectly be inter_connected to each other by the chain prayers, are to be inactivated and unmotivated by the double_ standard prayers . That's why, Allah Woes to these hypocritical prayers.

F. Arjmandi

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Homework no. 3                        

A Brief Discussion of Mauon Surah

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِیمِ  أَ رَءَیْتَ الَّذِى یُکَذِّبُ بِالدِّینِ(1) فَذَالِکَ الَّذِى یَدُعُّ الْیَتِیمَ(2) وَ لَا یحَضُّ عَلىَ‏ طَعَامِ الْمِسْکِینِ(3) فَوَیْلٌ لِّلْمُصَلِّینَ(4) الَّذِینَ هُمْ عَن صَلَاتهِمْ سَاهُونَ(5) الَّذِینَ هُمْ یُرَاءُونَ(6) وَ یَمْنَعُونَ الْمَاعُونَ(7)

Mauon Surah is 107th Surah in Quran. It contains 7 verses. Mauon Surah describes the characteristics of deniers of religion: driving away the orphan, not urging feeding of the needy, being heedless of prays, showing off and denying aids.

Islam religion has personal and also social commands. These two commands are related to each other. Social commands are as important as personal ones. Therefore Mauon Surah, in replying the main question, starts with the social aspects of religion (Din).

Orphan (Yatim) is someone who lost one of his parents, teacher, educator or tutor. So he needs materialistic and spiritual helps. In Quran the word Orphan (Yatim) is repeated more than 20 times. It shows the importance of this social problem in Islam religion:

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    Maybe we have wondered why in this surah God asks his prophet to see the people who deny religion. This kind of seeing is different it needs paying attention and analytical thinking.

    Nowadays we might not see the people who deny religion “din” directly but based on the characteristics that have been introduced in Maun surah. They are the people who treat orphan harshly and do not urge the feeding of the needy. And as my friend introduced these two definitions completely in previous post, you can see that a lot of people are orphan “yatim” and needy “mestin”. So we have to be careful about the way we treat people

    On the other hand when someone prays this come to our mind that person is a believer but in this surah ask our prophet as well as us to look carefully, pay attention to their action. Because not all the praying is acceptable, we should pay attention to the factors like why and how they are praying. Some people pray without attention, some for showing off, and some prevent charity. So we should be really careful about our praying cause without having the appropriate characteristics we might be like the people who deny religion “din”.

N.S. Mirmalek Sani

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Dear Classmates

A word file on Ma'un surah can be downloaded from the link below:

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In this surah Ma’un, Allah tells us what they are doing presently without Belief. A contrast between what they should be doing, and what they are doing instead. Allah’s Messenger is not in social or political power in Mecca, and for him to criticize and point direct fingers at the leaders who have power to harm requires full trust in Allah. One type of people who face injustice in society are the orphans. They have no tribe or clan to support them, so they are all alone and weak. People can abuse, beat up on, hit them – and if no-one is there to support them, nothing will happen against the oppressor. This surah looks like it is discussing 2 distinct groups, because the surah seems divided into two parts :( Part 1: [verses 1-3]) (Part 2: [verses 4-7]). But in reality we will learn that it is referring to 1 group only. And we will reconcile the confusion as to why people originally think it is referring to 2 groups. The first half of the surah is clearly talking about a disbeliever.
The second half of the surah is talking about someone who is praying, although being cheap in that. What kind of low state has this person reached that they still lie against this religion? …

M. S. H. Sadraei

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In the name of Allah, our provider of peace and poverty

In this surah, the attention is attracted towards two negative individual and social behaviorisms and “showing off” (ریاء) is demonstrated as the basis common to all religion deniers discussed in the surah. Thee deniers dissemble by beautifying the outer layer of their acts for showing off to others while these acts are not supported by any underlying beliefs or interests.

On the other hand, a religious society fulfilling God’s satisfaction is a society in which people obey holly chiefs (Imams) and thereby provide themselves by elevated personal characteristics. That’s to say, with performing personal prayers and purifying themselves from showing off, people obtain spiritual purity. This brightness leads, in turn, to social effects in which people aim to aid the needy and orphans and enjoin others for contributing in that. Therefore, by the aid if religion the society, becomes free from poorness and heartsickness and forms a suitable bed for peace and happiness of the members.

Such a society becomes only feasible in the light of people’s belief in God as the only provider of poverty. Such an ideology will sure demolish all traces of self-glory and proudness.

Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!
Have you seen someone who rejects religion?( 1 )
That is the person who pushes the orphan aside( 2 )
and does not promote feeding the needy.( 3 )
It will be too bad for the prayerful( 4 )
who are absent-minded as they pray,( 5 )
who aim to be noticed( 6 )
while they hold back contributions.( 7 )

A: Who is 'Meskin' ?

'Meskin' is someone involved in inaction, stagnation and limitation in physical, financial or spiritual power and ability, so he is not able to try and gain his own demands, and then move and progress.

Note: In English you find the word "poor/needy" for 'Meskin' which as you see is not sufficient.

What does 'Meskin' need?

He needs 'Ta`am'.

What is 'Ta`am'?

It is something small or big, materialistic or spiritual and divine which is 'meskin's right and meets his demands, and if has been given to him by anyone in community, it helps 'meskin' to move out of inaction, stagnation, get rid of limitation, and so progress.

Note: In English 'ta`am' means your desired food; this meaning is not much sufficient.


'Meskin' needs 'ta`am' to move and progress, but this 'ta`am', which according to Qu`ran  is his right, should come from community towards him because for different reasons he himself is not able to gain it. 'Ta`am' can be some food, a kind of facility, a proper job, some social or financial help, etc. to solve and remove inaction, stagnation and limitation, and let him move forward and progress.

A practical point:

Think about people around you, start from your own family and then go further. Which one is a 'meskin' in any mentioned aspects? What is his right (Ta`am) which should be provided by you for him?

The answers of these questions are our duties and responsibilities in our own communities; no matter where we are. So, according Al-Ma`un surah we are responsible to be aware of 'Meskin's demands to help him.

B: Who is 'Yatim'?

'Yatim' is someone disconnected from the source which/who has been his parent, teacher, trainer and nurturer or manager. He has been left alone and lonely, so the lack of this helpful and effective source makes serious troubles and regression in his life.

Note: In English you find the word "orphan" for 'Yatim' which as you see is not sufficient.

What does 'Yatim' need?/ Conclusion:

He needs to be warmly welcome and to be properly connected to a source to receive help, reinforcement and support, kindness, 'Ta`am', respect, knowledge and training in some tasks in which he is alone and powerless. 'Yatim' needs the mentioned support to be taught and trained, and then progress. He needs it till the time he is able and wise enough to handle his own life himself ('Boloogh').

A practical point:

Could you recognize who is 'yatim' around you? How can/should you help him? Start from the closest to you and then go further. Do remember not to be harsh to 'Yatim' and push him aside. (Al-Ma`nu, verse 2)

I started from myself! I am a 'Meskin' and a 'Yatim' without... Are you?!

Considering the explanations of the words 'meskin' and 'yatim', I have found out without connecting to Qu`ran and understanding it properly and sufficiently, I am a 'meskin' and 'yatim' because of the shortage or lack of divine and Qu`ranic 'Ta`am' and connection to the Nurturer in any possible aspects of my life. It is truly my situation because as a needy, weak creature I need the Divine 'Ta`am', connection, support, kindness, training and help forever to be fed, helped, trained and rescued. What about you?


(Qu`ranic Dictionary for definitions: At-Tahghigh by Allameh Mostafavi)

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In The Name Of Allah

1) Not only we should rely on our senses to conceive a subject, but we had better to use our imagination power to see even things not being able to see them by our eyes or other senses.

2) Noticing that there are some people needing our care and confidence so as to be motivated.

3) In order to feed a needy person, it is essential to consider what s/he needs first and/or  what are his/her characteristics matching his needs  then in which field it is better to help him/her.  

4) If we fulfill what God expect us to do, God may raise our honors and respects in the eyes of other people to see and appreciate our good deeds without any publicity; that is, it is adequate to purify our intentions as well as our actions only for God.

5) Apparently, there are some people whose basic needs are not easily distinguishable in a society; hence, we should use stronger tools than our physical senses , such as  our imagination  or intuition to see or comprehend what causes them to become stagnant _ with no progress in a society_ in addition to how it is possible to stimulate them to develop .

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Dear All

Thanks to Miss Golipour and her efforts. you can comment on it !

In the name of the most compassionate

1- There is always a group of people in society that they deny beleif to God and they say there is no last day.

2-Belief to God and last day are a fact and everybody who denies them is a lier.

3-Somebody who denies belief to God they banish the orphans from themself.

4-They don't hold in respect the orphans.

5-They don't help the orphans materially and also they shatter the orphans' personality in fact they shatter them spiritually (like Homaza Lomaza)

6-The orphans need to help materially and spiritually.

7-They think they are better than the needies.

8-They think helping the needies is a cheap act.

9-They don't encourage others to help the needies because they don't want to spread this act.

10-The act doesn't encourage by others , people don't like to do it widely.

11-They don't try to resolve the needies' material needs.

12-Food is a basic need for life and everybody without food can't live for a long time but they don't pay attention to this matter.

13-God curse a group of prayers.

14-These prayers only have shelf  of  belief to God in fact they belief to God physically.

15-These prayers are unaware from their prayer and they are lax , it means that they are praying apparently but in fact they are thinking to other things.

16-This kind of prayer don't prevent of  bad act it means that this kind of prayer don't have any good effect.

17-If the prayer of person be real, it protects the person from denying belief to God and so this person don't banish the orphans and the needies from themselves.

18-These persons want to pray but other things are preoccupying them , it means it is inadvertent.

19-These prayers pray for duplicity because they want to receive other material.

20-These persons want to do activities to other people think they are better than the others, it means that it's a intentional act.

21- These persons help the orphans and needies to show off.

22-So this person want to cheat others and so this person is a lier.

23-These prayers can help the others but they forbear to give basic needs to the needies.

24-These persons offer different excuse to not help the needies.

25-They not only don't help the needies themselves , they prevent others to do this.

26-They not only don't help the needies themselves also they interfere in others' help.

27-They deprive the needies from basic needs.

28-Some groups of peaple deny God clearly but some groups of peaple accept God apparently but in fact they do activities that are against with what God want so because these persons don't believe God in act in fact these persons are like the first group and in fact they also deny God.


And this is my clip about this surah , it doesn't include all statements about this surah but I thought it's better than nothing and I hope it will be better in future.(I congratulate all for our second production)







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