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Home work no.3 about Maun Surah

Wednesday, 5 August 2015، 11:06 PM

    Maybe we have wondered why in this surah God asks his prophet to see the people who deny religion. This kind of seeing is different it needs paying attention and analytical thinking.

    Nowadays we might not see the people who deny religion “din” directly but based on the characteristics that have been introduced in Maun surah. They are the people who treat orphan harshly and do not urge the feeding of the needy. And as my friend introduced these two definitions completely in previous post, you can see that a lot of people are orphan “yatim” and needy “mestin”. So we have to be careful about the way we treat people

    On the other hand when someone prays this come to our mind that person is a believer but in this surah ask our prophet as well as us to look carefully, pay attention to their action. Because not all the praying is acceptable, we should pay attention to the factors like why and how they are praying. Some people pray without attention, some for showing off, and some prevent charity. So we should be really careful about our praying cause without having the appropriate characteristics we might be like the people who deny religion “din”.

N.S. Mirmalek Sani

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  • F. Arjmandi
  • Salam

    What is the criterion for distinguishing whether our prayers are pure and acceptable???      a

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