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Homework #28

Thursday, 4 February 2016، 02:33 PM

Dear Classmates

As our 4th book, Sura-oriented Tadabbor is finished, we plan to review and practice all the lessons on a single sura. The outcome can be a conference or a booklet on that sura. the picked sura is "Naazeat" sura. The steps you should take in a two-week timeline are the following:

1. Please read the sura at least 20 times (By different models as you wish)

2. Apply classification methods on the sura:

  2.1. Subjective-sequential classification

         Try to classify the sura to general topics in less than 15 minutes then make the topics more specific due to the important details

  2.2. Hagh and Batel Trend

         Only classify the verses and do not analyze the resulting table.

  2.3. Facts and human actions

         Speed is important here, based on the Arabic literature and the lesson learned classify the verses in to these two categories.

  2.4. Different levels of facts

         Classify the verses in the pyramid mentioned in Ghaaf sura.

These findings along with a summary from the methods mentioned in the class should be with you in the next session.

If you had more time, You can enter finding SUVs and SBVs and complete the diagram in previous homeworks.

All the praise only belongs to Allah...

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