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Dear classmates

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In The Name of ALLAH

Each of Qur'an suras has a fact which meets human's needs and guides him in the perfection path. In each of which one of the guiding and promoting dimensions is expressed as well as some aspects of deficiencies to human's growth and development are emphasized. That is based on human's requirements in addition to his individual and social life stages, each sura is reminding a variety of principles and practical ways.   

The perception of guiding prescriptions of each sura for a mankind is indeed perceiving the life map in each stage of it and also a proper answer to his real requirements. Surely, all of mentioned points vary according to one's growth capacity.  

The Waqi'ah sura, including 96 Ayats revealed in Mecca, is mainly on ending the world and starting of the Resurrection Day. Waqi'ah means an event. People are to divided into three groups of Al-Sabeqoon (the foremost in faith), the Right_handed companions(exalted ones), and the left_handed companions (disgraced ones).   

Ayats1_3: " When the event of Resurrection happens, the event about which there is no lie, it is the Day that will cause some men to disgraced , or descended from what they had in the world, and some to be exalted, or ascended.It is stated that this huge event is definitely to happen without any denial and doubt. In this world some people approve the Hereafter but  some reject it. However, when the Resurrection Day happens, each person meets the result of his worldly intention and preferences. when the event happens, all people see the truth as it is so nobody belies it as the ayat says," The event which there is no lie."   

 Besides, this event causes some people to be descended while some some to be ascended. There are uncovered their worldly intentions and deeds.  Their given positions, in the Hereafter, are in accordance with the degree of their beliefs and actions in the world. The powerful affluent disbelievers are descended and plummeted from their high_ranked positions to the worst place in the Hell punishing  with disgusting food and boiling drink, whereas  the steady believers are ascended to the highest positions in the heaven entertaining with the most delicious food and cold  drinks serving by their available servants.  

Furthermore, some severe natural events will be happened along with this event. Ayats 4_6 : " The earth will be shaken by the most severe shake, and mountains will be crashed and turned into dust, and the dust will become scattered particles(in the air). " We should pay close attention to this fact that to what degree of Richter scale required to crash the huge mountains into dust at a glance. Perhaps hundreds degrees of Richter scale!  

To put it into the nutshell, this sura attempts to remind us of definitely occurring event of the Resurrection Day when the life substrates of human will be thoroughly changed and men are divided and differentiated into three distinctive groups. Based on this fact, it is essential that human  believe in the Hereafter by deeming the monotheism of Creator_Nurturer resulting from mainly required elements of his worldly life. Therefore, we should  highly and honorably praise and adorn Al_Mighty God for His all Blessing and always say, " so celebrate the Absolute Purity of the Name of your Creator_Nurturer the Supreme Great."    


F. Arjmandi 

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Dear Classmates

According to the sequential-subjective classification method, complete the table below for "Vaghe'e Surah" and do your best in finding intentions from verse group relations by different combination of them(Preferably on A3 paper)

we need a conclusive intention from the surah best depicting the specific arrangement of the subjects and the verses along with each other.

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