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۱۹ مطلب با موضوع «Methods of Tadabbor 1-5 :: Book Three:Word-oriented Tadabbor» ثبت شده است


Dear Classmates

The voice for the 20th session mainly focusing on the solving the final exam on word-oriented Tadabbor can be downloaded from the link below:



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Dear Classmates

In order to complete our understanding from our third topic, it is necessary to review the methods learned on a single surah.

The picked surah is "Takaasor". It is not too much long and easier to handle.

Download the following file and carefully answer the questions:


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Dear Classmates

Our last lesson in this topic focuses on a subject called "Words chain relation" in a surah. We all know that the words are the building block of the surah. In the next level they combine together to form verses and at last the combination of verses makes up the whole surah.

The assumption here is that the relation between words are like a minaturized model for the whole surah or lets say it defines the relation structure at upper levels. So if we manage to find out these relations we can draw "meaning network" in a surah.

We can conclude the specification of each surah or the surahs with similar topics from their network. It also helps us to connect surahs from the pathways or the bridges in their networks.

It is done with the aid of all methods learned in "Word-oriented Tadabbor". So this lesson is somehow the review of all previous lessons in a package.

To achieve this well, it is suggested to pick a keyword first in a surah(you can track them! otherwise they will be given to you)

Its logical analysis would be the next step(It is good to refer to the book pages 266,268 and so on for more explanation)

Then you read through the verses and pick words from each verse or verse group. finding out the relations is the most important

part which is done by the aid of learned methods. Entitling drawn branches out from the central keyword would be the last step.

This would be the procedure for finding out word chain relations or the meaning network in a surah which can be converted into

articles on specific subjects based on specific surah.

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Dear Classmates

Another point of view on words is talking about situation-free and situation-based words.

Lets look at their definition:

situation-free words:

The words having a meaning which is constant and doesn't change through different conditions.

i.e. The word "Hagh" is a good example which is situation-free. Hagh is hagh over time and it

acts just like a spirit. "Hagh" shows itself in different substrates. The revealance of the book is

on the basis of Hagh it shows Hagh. Also you can see Hagh in every creature. So these examples

are different features of "Hagh".

Another example can be "Hedayat' or the guidance. It is situation-free, but when we see the guidance

we face different kind of it. The guidance by Noah, Ebrahim and other prophets are different types of

guidance. The form has differed but the meaning is constant.

We have different situations or substrates that the constant fact flows in them and makes different words.

By this point we define situation-based words.

Different substrates:

1. This world

  1.1. Nature

  1.2. Human

     1.2.1. Actions

     1.2.2. Beliefs

     1.2.3. Different persons
 Prophet or Imam

   1.3. Society

   1.4. and etc.


2. The transferring process

   2.1. Death

   2.2. Destroying process

3. Hereafter

   3.1. "Barzakh"

   3.2. Calculation of actions

   3.3. Seeing the results

   3.4. Settlement

situation-based words:

These kinds of words are dependent to their substrates and if the substrate changes, they change too. moreover,

with the absence of the substrate these words also disappear.

The words can be literally the same.

i.e. "Ketab" or the book in Qur'an.

We have different meanings :

1) ام الکتاب: The source of all facts

2) کتاب: The book containing ones actions or the records of actions

3) کتاب: The book we read through

Also they can be different literally but have the same meaning and only seen from different aspects and levels.

i.e. The names for the "judgement day"

1)یوم الحسره: The day of regret

2)یوم الفصل: The separation day

3)یوم الحق: the day that reveals the truth

4)یوم الحساب: The calculation day

They all mean the same but the aspect differs.

In this manner we can determine the circumstances of the words and look at them in their specific level. Without

considering these points our understandings can be messed up and result in misleading.

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Dear Classmates

When we get to read through the holy Qur'an one important thing to consider is the definition literature.
Despite referring to arabic dictionaries to look up the word meanings, Qur'an or the surah itself defines its
We call this type of definition "Native Definition". In this case a word root in a surah can have a
different meaning by the same root appearing in the other one.
The surah broadens the meaning and by investigating existing usages of the root in the whole Qur'an we can
define the meaning more accurately.
Definition literature in Qur'an can be divided into 5 kinds:

1. The Relative clauses(Mosoul):
    In Arabic we have "آلذی" and its derivatives for this purpose
    As an example we can mention the verse " قد افلح المومنون الذین هم فی صلاتهم خاشعون"
    So it defines The believers or "مومنون" as the ones who are humble in their prayer

2. Characterization:
    Another way to define something is to introduce its characteristics
    As an example look at this verse "یحسب ان ماله اخلده" in homaza surah. it define the one who is homaza with
    his or her beliefs; The one who thinks that his money makes him/her everlasting.

3. Contradiction:
    We have another way to define the words; Defining by their opposites. In this manner the picked word can be
    more understood.
    i.e. The verse "ان کتاب الفجار لفی سجین" The question is ok! what is "Sejjin" by reading through surah it states "ان کتاب الابرار لفی علیین"
    so we can define "sejjin" by "Elliein". The second word means elevation on elevation so we conclude sejjin to be descending on

4. The concluding verses:
    Some verses act as concluding verses. They can be tracked after classification of the verses in separate groups. They have
    the whole subject of a part in brief and even may add new point after conclusion.
    i.e. In Mojadele surah in verse 22 it talks about special characteristics of a group and in the end it says "اولئک حزب الله" so in the
    conclusion it calls them "Hezbollah ".

5. Uni-directionality or sharing same examples:
    In some cases we face the words that share same examples or in the same direction(lets say "Hagh" or "Batel").
    so the words can be defined so by considering this points.
    i.e. Model 1:
         Assume the surah defines "ابرار" and also "مقربین". These two characters are in the same direction
         or better to say they are in "Hagh" front. so we can use them to define each other.
         Model 2:
         The verse states "الذین یکذبون بیوم الدین". it is the definition of "Mokazzebin" by relative clause. it continues by
         "و ما یکذب به الا کل معتد اثیم" the ones who are "معتد" and "اثیم" only deny it. So "Mokazzeb" and the characters
         mentioned share the same action of denial so they can be used for defining one another.

In this manner we can reach the native definition of the words according to each surah and its usage of different kinds
of definition.


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Dear Classmates

In the previous post we talked about meaning or components in common. We proposed that there may

exist commonness between the words appearing in the surah and according to this we can talk about

the intention behind its releavance.

The procedure was as follows:

1. Picking some words from the surah.

   1.1. The picking process can be random in a manner

   1.2. In the second scheme we choose the keywords in the surah. Keywords can be tracked

         by focusing on the specific roots or specific derivation of the root appearing in the surah

   1.3. Tracking frequently used words

2. Finding the components or meaning in common(Table form)

By the combination of the picked words and their commonness we can write statements on the intention

Here, in this post, we say that the intention is the spirit flowing in surah words. The procedure here differs a bit.

1. We start by exploring an intention for the surah

     1.1. This can be done through the methods presented in "Methods of Tafakkor" Topic

     1.2. Also it can be done through classification of surah verses mentioned in "Pre-requisites of Tadabbor"

     1.3. Getting aid from the Interpretations specially "Almizan"

2. In the second step, we start sweeping down the verses of the surah and investigate the probable relations

    between the word and the proposed intention.

3. By continuing this process we specialize the intention in each step

The most comprehensive intention would be the intention containing all the verses of the surah and the most

surah-oriented intention would be the one containing the components of the words.


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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 61) And ALLAH will save the righteous for they have attained salvation ( through their obedience and righteous deeds). Therefore no Torment will reach them nor shall the grieve;     

In the previous Words of Revelation stated that pagans and the arrogant ringleaders of the disbelief lied and took idols as their guardians and intercessors and on the Judgement Day they wish they had an opportunity to go back to the world. On That Day they will appear with black faces for being liars about ALLAH. 

Verse 62) ALLAH is the Creator of all creatures, and He is the Guardians and Owner of all things and beings;      

This word of revelation displays the monotheism in Creation. In the other word, ALLAH Created the whole worlds and He also Nurture all the creatures and do not let them with no guidance.     

Verse 63) To Him belong the keys of the earth and sky and those who deny ALLAH's Words of Revelation are indeed the losers;  

Referring to the monotheism on ALLAH's Ownership; that is, all the keys of the sky and the earth belong to Him indicating the Secret of His Ownership and having all Authority to dominate the whole worlds. Consequently, disbelievers are obvious losers because they turned away from the Source of Truth and and told lies about Him which ALLAH will judge among them about whatever they have been differing in.  

Verse 67) ( These people by worshiping false deities have proved that) they have nor recognized the High Stand of ALLAH such as is due to Him: On the Day of Resurrection the whole earth will be in the Hand of His Power and the heavens will be rolled up ( like a rolling of writing paper) in the Hand of His Power. ALLAH is the Absolute Pure and He is far above having any partner.    

Verse 69) On that Day the earth will be lighted with the Light of its Creator. Then the Book of Deeds will be placed; and the Messengers and the witnesses will be brought to ALLAH's presence and the Judgement will be fair for the people and they will not be dealt with unjustly.    

Verse 70) And they will be paid for what they did, and ALLAH is the Supreme Knower of what people do;   

Verse 75) And you will see the Guard Angels who turn round in circle under the Divine Throne of Arsh, while Celebrating the Attributes of their Creator. On that Day, the Judgement between them will be based on Justice and all it is said:" Thanksgiving and Adoration of the worshipers is only due to ALLAH the Creator of the worlds."       

Thanksgiving and Adoration 

Is only due to ALLAH

F. Arjmandi

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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 36)  Is not ALLAH's Guardianship sufficient for His obedient worshipers?           

The background of this verse revelation was that the polytheists were constantly asking the prophet (PBUH) to avoid the anger of their idols as they would make him crazy or badly annoyed. Therefore, this verse was ascended to the prophet (PBUH) that ALLAH protect His obedient worshipers esp. the prophet and in the next verse the Holy Book says, " And whomsoever ALLAH guides no one can mislead him". That is, if a sincere believer deserves a Divine guiding and aiding, ALLAH ward off any devil temptations from him , only if the believer is sincerely trying to obtain ALLAH's satisfaction by his good_doings.                                                                                            

Verse 38) "...ALLAH's Guardianship is sufficient for me against all harms and plots; in Him all trusting put their trust". Besides, " Say ( O messenger!) : O, you ignorant people! Do you order me to worship others instead of ALLAH ?"                   

With the respect to the mentioned verses, it is proved that worshiping idols and being polytheist are baseless attempts, because ALLAH as Creator and Nurturer is not only created the whole worlds and  creatures, but He solve the problems of His worshipers. He has direct impacts on His worshipers benefits and loses, while the pagans' idols and their partners could not intercede for them at all. Therefore, if God's will is to bless His obedience, no one could avoid it. Only and Only trust in God and be hopeful and fearful of Him.                           

Verse 44) Say ( O, messenger!): To ALLAH belongs the permission of all intercessions since to him belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and then to Him you all shall be brought back."                                                                            

To sum up, not only pagans could not make any harm to the prophet (PBUH) and sincere believers, but, on the Judgement Day, when they see the Truth, they become regretful of mocking at ALLAH's Revelations ; they wish they had an opportunity to go back to the world to compensate for their ignorance and  evil doings.                                                                 

Ayat59)  It will be stated to him: " O,man! My Messages reached you but you denied them and became one of the disbelievers."               

Thanksgiving and adoration of the worshipers is" 

only due to ALLAH the Creator of the worlds"        

F. Arjmandi

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In the name of ALLAH

This is the result of a survey on Zomar surah to find its unique words and phrases compared with whole Quran. Please consider the fact it is not complete and can be still expanded- I did it as much as I could. It includes two parts: A: the words and phrases which are just in Zomar surah, and B: the words and phrases which are common between Zomar an another surah in Quran. I believe you will find it as amazing and unbelievable as I did. The soft ware that has been used to come to these results is Jami`al-Tafasir. The first number on the right is the number of item and the second is the number of verse

A: The unique words and phrases in Zomar surah

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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 17) Those who avoided worshiping false deities and turned to ALLAH, seeking His forgiveness, for them will be glad_tidings, so give the good news to My obedient worshipers.                                                                                           

Who are the real "men of wisdom" or "Olel-albab"? How have they reached this position? It might be due to their hearing, seeing,thinking and reflecting on all creatures as Divine reminders! Reminding us of the Truth of the whole worlds as in addition to the Truth of coming and living in this world for some time not even one more minute longer than given lifetime deadline ( Ajal). If so. then what we are supposed to do?                                                                                                     

Verse18) Those who listen to different preaches ( regarding religions) and follow the best among the variety, those are the one whom ALLAH has guided and they are indeed men of wisdom , Olel-albab.                                                                                             

Then we should choose our best way by listening attentively and away from any kind of misconception and prejudgments. Moreover, we should improve our power of distinguishing right from wrong! We were not created to be playful or follow some orders in parrot fashion. We were blessed with some complicated senses for observing, hearing and contemplating in order to choose the best and not less than that God expect and guide us to be. Those who keep their minds and their hearts purified for the Source of Truth (Haq) and surely away from worshiping false deities , they will be guided by ALLAH.                                                                                                                                 

Let's think of our duties as sincere worshipers, free from any doubt, to choose only the best words that are the Qur'an's words as the best reminder and undoubtedly, act to them.                

Verse 22) Is the One whose heart ALLAH has opened to Islam and he receives Light from the Presence of his Creator and Nurturer ( like the one who has deprived himself from the guidance due to his disbelief?)                                                                                                               



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