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۱۴ مطلب در آوریل ۲۰۱۵ ثبت شده است


In The Name of ALLAH

 Verse 9) "Are those who know equal to those who do not know? Only men of reason "Olel Albab" are reminded by these words of revelation."                              

Man was created not in vain. Surely, there is an important aim. Naturally, There are some basic needs for human such as eating, sleeping, socializing, etc; however, these needs can not be the only logical reasons for his creation.                                                                     

According to the Holy Book" Qu'ran", men were created to obey and worship only God sincerely. But some greedy people take some guardians besides Him. How come? Don't they know only God created them lonely and no one else was able to do so? Or their Worldly benefits are in pretending to worship God through obeying some guardians to cause them to be nearer to Allah ;but in fact, in order to make more profits and gain more power , they attempt to mislead the ignorant people from the right path which is to be monotheist.      

In spite of the deceitful excuses of the insincere disbelievers, the Holy Book, Qu'ran" says," Allah deprives of His Guidance the disbelieving liars."..."Allah is the One yet the Dominant over all powers."...And if Allah Judge our deeds and behaviors , is it possible for us to escape from His Judgement? "on the Judgement Day,no one will bear the burdens ( of sins) of the others; then when you return to your Creator, He will inform you of what you used to do (in this world). Verily, He Know men's secrets of their hearts.                          



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Dear Classmates

The Voice for the 14th session can be downloaded from the link below:



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Dear Classmates

Please pick 5 words(preferably keywords) from Zomar Surah. complete the following table for the words

and explore the components in common. If no commonness was found change your words to finally achieve

the task.

By the components in common write down 5 statements relating the picked words and also explore the intention

Behind revealing Zomar surah or in other words its emphasis.

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Dear Classmates

When you study the definition of words in Arabic you encounter a form as follows:

Word#1:  Component1 + Component2

Component1 often determines the general category of the meaning

Component2 specializes the meaning and makes contrast between words

Example: "Zaraba"   - Hitting

             "Taragha"  - Hitting + Intensity + Affecting

The first component defines the family of words, or the category of hitting and the second

components specializes the word "Taragha" from "Zaraba".

By Diagnosing the 2nd component of the words used in a surah you can find out the intention

behind revealing it and talk about it more accurately.

The commonness in components can be tracked through tabulating the keywords and investigating

the relations between words.

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Dear Classmates

One of the methods in reading through Quranic verses is classifying verses into three subfields:
1. Verses about the creator or God
2. Verses about the Good
3. Verses about the Bad

In this manner you can focus on characters and the social analysis. By comparing the groups with
each other you can talk about social movements and so on. This topic would be covered in your 4th book.
A sample is introduced below:

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In The Name Of ALLAH

What is the meaning of "Zumar" by itself? Zumar means ...groups....OK! then why is this surah called Zumar why not "Din Khales" or so?

This surah starts with reminding and assuring us that this Holy Book verily descended by Allah, the Source of Wisdom Supreme power.Why should there be emphasized on this point while it seems so clear? Is it because of the following important points being considered from the Source of Truth mentioned in this surah?

 It seems "Din Khales and being Mokhles"( that is, the pure Religion >of monotheism<and  sincerely worshiping) is emphasized here in the Sura. If so, then how is it possible to purify our beliefs and actions in accordance with guidelines of Allah? Moreover, with respect to this sura, what are the characteristics of a sincere worshiper of Allah?

Appreciate your attention for broadening our viewpoints by discussing on different aspects of this great sura. Needless to mention that discovering new meanings and concepts of the surah  depends on sharing and debating our comprehensions of it. 

F. Arjmandi 

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In The Name Of Allah

Each and every texts of the Holy Book, Qu'ran, is composed of words and meanings and all are in accordance with a purpose linking us to the Divine World. It is started in the text of Word-Oriented Tadabbor Book, "Tadabbor" or attentive reflection which means to pay attention to a text purpose and consider it in life.

Each "word" itself lifts a curtain on a truth and transfers an absolute meaning. The absolute meanings do not change under no circumstances; and in fact, they are always fixed. All origins from the One Truth ( the Source of Truth or "Haq") and each of them covers a meaning based on the level/ rank descending by the Source of Truth ("Haq"). Revealing and descending Meanings by the Source of Truth ("Haq") defines as "Kalam" or Meaning; that is, all the existing Worlds reveal the Divine Meaning.

The Holy Book, Qu'ran, is the collection of texts, meanings, and words of the Creator of the Worlds. Thus, it is essential to reflect deeply on its words in order to achieve an attentive reflection or "Tadabbor", and approach the purpose as well as the meaning of its verses (or Ayat) and surahs.

Word-oriented Tadabbor means that a reflecting person comprehends that :

  • * Which Worlds Truth is disclosed for human by the considered word?
  • * Which Worlds Truth can be found in the core of this word?
  • * What is the relation between this word in a Sura and the whole meanings of the Sura?

Words are connected with the Truths on one hand, and on the other hand, with the examples; that's why, they disclose the Truths as well as revealing their instances of the Truths. Therefore, in word-oriented Tadabbor ( reflection), it is determined how to discover the coordination of the words' meanings with the Truths and also how to disclose the coordination of the examples with the words' meanings.

In word-oriented Tadabbor or reflection, it becomes obvious that each word has so close relation with a topic, a purpose, and the ultimate goal of a surah. By comprehending these words, one is able to reach the truths of science in addition to use them. Using these truths, sometimes  is to realize the action procedures; sometimes it is to ratify laws and religious decrees, sometimes it is to generalize laws and religious decrees, and so on. Hence, all in all it can be mentioned that knowing the Qu'ran truths and acting to them may be possible through words." Actually the words are the doors to understanding".



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Dear classmates

According to the lesson covered till now please do the following tasks:

1. Pick the word "Abd" in Zomar surah and investigate the derivation subject in it.Find different types of derivation

and write down what should be added to our understanding by considering it.

e.g. "Ta'abod": Asghar type --- Object +Desire

* If you noticed that another word's derivatives are more dominant change the picked root "Abd"

2. Choose 3 words from Zomar surah and derive their meaning from "Attahghigh" book and define the type of definition

and also highlight the parts of definition or new words you face in definition.

e.g. "Falagh": The cutting or separation resulting in appearance of two sides --- components

3. Choose 3 words from Zomar surah. The words are preferred to be in at least one type of context. Then compare the

situation when the context is considered with the raw definition.

e.g. "Zehaar": back or revealing  is the raw meaning but in Mojadele surah it is used in religious context. The meaning changes

to a tradition which was a specific kind of divorcing in pegan state of arabs.

Good luck and wish you the best

P.S. I Expect you all to be more involved in uploading texts, clips, understandings, and conversations. We miss you all here.

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Dear classmates

The recorded voice for the 13th session can be downloaded from the links below:




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Dear classmates

When you look up a word in the dictionary specially in arabic, considering the following points are

useful and can lead to better understanding of their meaning and helps you classify the words in

some manner:

1. A word root can be defined in 3 ways:

  1.1. Limitation/components: e.g. "Ghol" : Expressing+What is in our inner side+ With any possible mean

  1.2. Contrast/by opposites: e.g. "shar" : the opposite of "Kheir" and "Kheir" is sth that you logically prefer

  1.3. With famous/common words: e.g. "Zolfa": is the highest level of "Ghorb" or being close

by this classification you can find the words that are defined in the same manner and also from their definition

you can relate them indirectly. the second function of this classification would be understanding the levels of meaning

and helps in contrasting.

2. According to the context, the word meanings can differ. we have 3 main contexts:

  2.1. Common context

  2.2. Idiomatic / scientific context

  2.3. religious context

neglecting the context may lead to misunderstanding of the meaning. A an example we have the term "Tahriro raghaba"

if you get to study the word meanings neglecting its context you understand "heating the neck!!!!" which doesn't make

sense. But when you realize it is defined in religious context you understand "Freeing slaves".

So context affect the meaning and it should be kept in mind that the word is not separated from its context.

3. The common meaning we understand from a word is the first level and by considering the mentioned points

we can deepen our understandings.

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