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In the name of Allah

How to gain some nice and new characteristics

Do you ever plan to gain some nice and new qualities? Do you know any ways for it? Everyone says you have two origins for your characteristics, nature and nurture. The ones you are born with, and the ones you learn from environment. If you believe that some of the characteristics and abilities can be earned and learned, in fact, you can benefit from it. In Islam, it is advised to accompany people with the great recommended characteristics and abilities you admire and long to have them as your own characteristics and abilities, observe their actions and performances very carefully, and try to follow them in these aspects. Obviously, the company you pick affects you dearly, but if it is chosen attentively and purposefully to change something inside you or add other nice and new qualities to you, you are cleverly taking a wise shortcut. This shortcut is going to get much shorter and more effective if you chose a noble outstanding group to be in. The impact of being and working in this strong group can seem like a miracle to you, but in fact it is the incredible effect of a team work among some pious, hardworking and purposeful people with desirable characteristics. So, do not hesitate to find the group, and be a member of it to put your plan into practice.


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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 61) And ALLAH will save the righteous for they have attained salvation ( through their obedience and righteous deeds). Therefore no Torment will reach them nor shall the grieve;     

In the previous Words of Revelation stated that pagans and the arrogant ringleaders of the disbelief lied and took idols as their guardians and intercessors and on the Judgement Day they wish they had an opportunity to go back to the world. On That Day they will appear with black faces for being liars about ALLAH. 

Verse 62) ALLAH is the Creator of all creatures, and He is the Guardians and Owner of all things and beings;      

This word of revelation displays the monotheism in Creation. In the other word, ALLAH Created the whole worlds and He also Nurture all the creatures and do not let them with no guidance.     

Verse 63) To Him belong the keys of the earth and sky and those who deny ALLAH's Words of Revelation are indeed the losers;  

Referring to the monotheism on ALLAH's Ownership; that is, all the keys of the sky and the earth belong to Him indicating the Secret of His Ownership and having all Authority to dominate the whole worlds. Consequently, disbelievers are obvious losers because they turned away from the Source of Truth and and told lies about Him which ALLAH will judge among them about whatever they have been differing in.  

Verse 67) ( These people by worshiping false deities have proved that) they have nor recognized the High Stand of ALLAH such as is due to Him: On the Day of Resurrection the whole earth will be in the Hand of His Power and the heavens will be rolled up ( like a rolling of writing paper) in the Hand of His Power. ALLAH is the Absolute Pure and He is far above having any partner.    

Verse 69) On that Day the earth will be lighted with the Light of its Creator. Then the Book of Deeds will be placed; and the Messengers and the witnesses will be brought to ALLAH's presence and the Judgement will be fair for the people and they will not be dealt with unjustly.    

Verse 70) And they will be paid for what they did, and ALLAH is the Supreme Knower of what people do;   

Verse 75) And you will see the Guard Angels who turn round in circle under the Divine Throne of Arsh, while Celebrating the Attributes of their Creator. On that Day, the Judgement between them will be based on Justice and all it is said:" Thanksgiving and Adoration of the worshipers is only due to ALLAH the Creator of the worlds."       

Thanksgiving and Adoration 

Is only due to ALLAH

F. Arjmandi

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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 36)  Is not ALLAH's Guardianship sufficient for His obedient worshipers?           

The background of this verse revelation was that the polytheists were constantly asking the prophet (PBUH) to avoid the anger of their idols as they would make him crazy or badly annoyed. Therefore, this verse was ascended to the prophet (PBUH) that ALLAH protect His obedient worshipers esp. the prophet and in the next verse the Holy Book says, " And whomsoever ALLAH guides no one can mislead him". That is, if a sincere believer deserves a Divine guiding and aiding, ALLAH ward off any devil temptations from him , only if the believer is sincerely trying to obtain ALLAH's satisfaction by his good_doings.                                                                                            

Verse 38) "...ALLAH's Guardianship is sufficient for me against all harms and plots; in Him all trusting put their trust". Besides, " Say ( O messenger!) : O, you ignorant people! Do you order me to worship others instead of ALLAH ?"                   

With the respect to the mentioned verses, it is proved that worshiping idols and being polytheist are baseless attempts, because ALLAH as Creator and Nurturer is not only created the whole worlds and  creatures, but He solve the problems of His worshipers. He has direct impacts on His worshipers benefits and loses, while the pagans' idols and their partners could not intercede for them at all. Therefore, if God's will is to bless His obedience, no one could avoid it. Only and Only trust in God and be hopeful and fearful of Him.                           

Verse 44) Say ( O, messenger!): To ALLAH belongs the permission of all intercessions since to him belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth and then to Him you all shall be brought back."                                                                            

To sum up, not only pagans could not make any harm to the prophet (PBUH) and sincere believers, but, on the Judgement Day, when they see the Truth, they become regretful of mocking at ALLAH's Revelations ; they wish they had an opportunity to go back to the world to compensate for their ignorance and  evil doings.                                                                 

Ayat59)  It will be stated to him: " O,man! My Messages reached you but you denied them and became one of the disbelievers."               

Thanksgiving and adoration of the worshipers is" 

only due to ALLAH the Creator of the worlds"        

F. Arjmandi

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In The Name of ALLAH

Verse 17) Those who avoided worshiping false deities and turned to ALLAH, seeking His forgiveness, for them will be glad_tidings, so give the good news to My obedient worshipers.                                                                                           

Who are the real "men of wisdom" or "Olel-albab"? How have they reached this position? It might be due to their hearing, seeing,thinking and reflecting on all creatures as Divine reminders! Reminding us of the Truth of the whole worlds as in addition to the Truth of coming and living in this world for some time not even one more minute longer than given lifetime deadline ( Ajal). If so. then what we are supposed to do?                                                                                                     

Verse18) Those who listen to different preaches ( regarding religions) and follow the best among the variety, those are the one whom ALLAH has guided and they are indeed men of wisdom , Olel-albab.                                                                                             

Then we should choose our best way by listening attentively and away from any kind of misconception and prejudgments. Moreover, we should improve our power of distinguishing right from wrong! We were not created to be playful or follow some orders in parrot fashion. We were blessed with some complicated senses for observing, hearing and contemplating in order to choose the best and not less than that God expect and guide us to be. Those who keep their minds and their hearts purified for the Source of Truth (Haq) and surely away from worshiping false deities , they will be guided by ALLAH.                                                                                                                                 

Let's think of our duties as sincere worshipers, free from any doubt, to choose only the best words that are the Qur'an's words as the best reminder and undoubtedly, act to them.                

Verse 22) Is the One whose heart ALLAH has opened to Islam and he receives Light from the Presence of his Creator and Nurturer ( like the one who has deprived himself from the guidance due to his disbelief?)                                                                                                               



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In The Name of ALLAH

 Verse 9) "Are those who know equal to those who do not know? Only men of reason "Olel Albab" are reminded by these words of revelation."                              

Man was created not in vain. Surely, there is an important aim. Naturally, There are some basic needs for human such as eating, sleeping, socializing, etc; however, these needs can not be the only logical reasons for his creation.                                                                     

According to the Holy Book" Qu'ran", men were created to obey and worship only God sincerely. But some greedy people take some guardians besides Him. How come? Don't they know only God created them lonely and no one else was able to do so? Or their Worldly benefits are in pretending to worship God through obeying some guardians to cause them to be nearer to Allah ;but in fact, in order to make more profits and gain more power , they attempt to mislead the ignorant people from the right path which is to be monotheist.      

In spite of the deceitful excuses of the insincere disbelievers, the Holy Book, Qu'ran" says," Allah deprives of His Guidance the disbelieving liars."..."Allah is the One yet the Dominant over all powers."...And if Allah Judge our deeds and behaviors , is it possible for us to escape from His Judgement? "on the Judgement Day,no one will bear the burdens ( of sins) of the others; then when you return to your Creator, He will inform you of what you used to do (in this world). Verily, He Know men's secrets of their hearts.                          



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In The Name Of ALLAH

What is the meaning of "Zumar" by itself? Zumar means ...groups....OK! then why is this surah called Zumar why not "Din Khales" or so?

This surah starts with reminding and assuring us that this Holy Book verily descended by Allah, the Source of Wisdom Supreme power.Why should there be emphasized on this point while it seems so clear? Is it because of the following important points being considered from the Source of Truth mentioned in this surah?

 It seems "Din Khales and being Mokhles"( that is, the pure Religion >of monotheism<and  sincerely worshiping) is emphasized here in the Sura. If so, then how is it possible to purify our beliefs and actions in accordance with guidelines of Allah? Moreover, with respect to this sura, what are the characteristics of a sincere worshiper of Allah?

Appreciate your attention for broadening our viewpoints by discussing on different aspects of this great sura. Needless to mention that discovering new meanings and concepts of the surah  depends on sharing and debating our comprehensions of it. 

F. Arjmandi 

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In The Name Of Allah

For Further exercises on decomposing each word relating to the Moddasser Sura into four sub_branches, pls. analyze the following words next to the given numbers 1_4 :

A) Fetne                     B) Rahine                                   C) Yakhafoona

1) Components:

2) Instruments:

3) Results:




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?The ways to omit hypocrisy from our life according to maoon surah

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