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How to gain some nice and new characteristics

Monday, 26 October 2015، 02:04 PM

In the name of Allah

How to gain some nice and new characteristics

Do you ever plan to gain some nice and new qualities? Do you know any ways for it? Everyone says you have two origins for your characteristics, nature and nurture. The ones you are born with, and the ones you learn from environment. If you believe that some of the characteristics and abilities can be earned and learned, in fact, you can benefit from it. In Islam, it is advised to accompany people with the great recommended characteristics and abilities you admire and long to have them as your own characteristics and abilities, observe their actions and performances very carefully, and try to follow them in these aspects. Obviously, the company you pick affects you dearly, but if it is chosen attentively and purposefully to change something inside you or add other nice and new qualities to you, you are cleverly taking a wise shortcut. This shortcut is going to get much shorter and more effective if you chose a noble outstanding group to be in. The impact of being and working in this strong group can seem like a miracle to you, but in fact it is the incredible effect of a team work among some pious, hardworking and purposeful people with desirable characteristics. So, do not hesitate to find the group, and be a member of it to put your plan into practice.


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