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The Way towards Brightness (the graph)

1-Believing that God has not forsakes us and is not displeased with us

2-The hereafter is better than this present life

3-God has promised to make those who act as their duties joyous in this life and in the hereafter

4-Sympathizing with orphans and the needy and helping them to overcome their problems; practical proclaiming of the grace and favor of the God

5-Continually commence one duty after the other with eagerness for God’s pleasure.

6-The consequence of such behaviorism is the God’s grant of a breast expansion and a tolerance elevation against the difficulties so that the burdens are taken away upon accepting to walk through the God’s path. This will eventually lead to raise of fame for one’s name, what can be counted a relief after a straightened circumstance.

7-Throughout the movement from darkness (Layl) to brightness (Zoha), a man finds the God’s way more easily and deserves more for God’s blessing.

In Zoha surah, description about brightness and darkness, the real blessing is said to be the “Velayat” and the prophet is asked to act and speak so that this blessing becomes apparent. In Ensherah surah, after promising the easiness to follow the difficulties, the holly prophet is ordered to place Amir-al-momenin as the guider of the society, after getting free from his mission duties.

Hopefully, our beliefs to God’s promises will turn to certainty, one day


Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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Dear Classmates

The presentation material is accessible:

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Member's Presentation

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Zoha/Inshirah Conclusion


As the Homework please read through "Abas" sura and add a post to the weblog for attendance according to its concepts and your understandings. We also need a scenario for Abas sura conference planned by your own idea.

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In The Name of ALLAH

Inshirah: The Expansion of Tolerance

Revealed at Mecca

The sura starts with a promising reminder; that is, if God enlarge one's heart to bear the burden of Divine duty, any difficulty even as heavy as a mountain shall not seem unbearable and backbreaking. 

Then the golden questions that their answers may broaden our outlook horizon will be: 

What does it mean " Expanding one's heart capacity"? Besides, if we had an extended capacity to see the value of obstacles in our lifetime, how would we reset our life??? Being more patient, increasing our hardworking, accepting life facts and realities, broadening our insight to meet social as well as individual commitments, promoting our spiritual calmness and peace and many other choices would be included in our life perspective. Wouldn't it be our Creator_Nurturer's Promise to Be so?

After conquering one impossible summit with a God_given tolerance, we should not stop. We must think of overcoming another social hurdle and recharge our battries by eagerly performing our prayer to our Creator_Nurturer in order to be able to promote our direction and plan for its victory. Always we should bear in mind that no difficulty exists forever and each dark cloud has a silver linen.

F. Arjmandi

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In the Name of God

Homework No. 7                                                                                               A brief discussion of Ensherah surah

سورة انشراح

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِیمِ * أَ لَمْ نَشْرَحْ لَکَ صَدْرَکَ(1) وَ وَضَعْنَا عَنکَ وِزْرَکَ(2) الَّذِى أَنقَضَ ظَهْرَکَ(3) وَ رَفَعْنَا لَکَ ذِکْرَکَ(4) فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ یُسْرًا(5) إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ یُسْرًا(6) فَإِذَا فَرَغْتَ فَانصَبْ(7) وَ إِلىَ‏ رَبِّکَ فَارْغَب(8)

Ensherah Surah begins with 4 questions, continues by 1 rule and 2 imperatives. The first 4 questions are similar to 3 questions of Zoha surah.

]أَ لَمْ یجَدْکَ یَتِیمًا فَاوَى‏(6) وَ وَجَدَکَ ضَالاًّ فَهَدَى‏(7) وَ وَجَدَکَ عَائلًا فَأَغْنىَ‏(8)[

All questions in these 2 surahs are hopeful: Did we not expand your Breast? And did we not increase your tolerance against the difficulties? Did we not take away from you the burden of your misson? And we did raise fame for your name.

The important rule is “with every straitened circumstances there is a relief.” Two imperatives are, “when you are free from your duties pick a new one” and “effort should be in Allah direction”.

Alike Zoha surah there are antonym words in Ensherah: Breast and back (Sadr and zahr), Difficulty and easiness (Osr and yosr), ending and begining (Faragha and nasaba).

Considering the questions of Zoha and Enshrah surah, we can reach to the Allah rule that is “with every difficulty there is an easiness.”

Human beings should accept difficulty in the world life, but also should know each difficulty accompanied by easiness. They usually choose easiness without attention to the fact that after difficulty is easiness. Emphasize on this rule in this surah shows disbelief of humans. This causes choosing wrong between benefit and loss.

N. Albeheshti


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                                                          In the name of Allah


                                                                         Path of life

  Human    Difficulty   Ease     Difficulty   Ease     Difficulty   Ease   Difficulty   Target (Allah)



 Facilities which is given and will be given to human by Allah to pass the path of his life:

1.                 Expanding the breast of human

2.                 relieve the human of the burden

3.                grant the human an exalted reputation

Rule of the path:

    The path is step by step and consists of difficult and easy conditions which convert to each other.

Duty of human in this sura:

    While being free from obligation, strive hard to worship Allah and be devoted to Allah.

Human should only face toward Allah. He should have special plan for his life to pass this path.

اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد

Z. Mottaki
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In the name of Allah

All of the people have experienced the days that they were so difficult, even reminding them make our hearts ache. We thought with ourselves we can’t bare them and they would never end, but they will as life goes on things get better or we get stronger. Soon they will be a memory that we carry on with ourselves. So these can be an example of this verse “indeed ease accompanies hardship.”  No one’s life stay in the same stage it goes up and down and that is why life is full of unpredictable things but we can be sure with difficultly is surely ease because Allah has guarantee it and as all we know God never break his promises. So from now on whenever we face these situations just remind ourselves it will pass by and we just remember how it felt. Which is a good thing because we gain experience and we can help people when they face the same problem or at least know how they are feeling and stop ourselves from judging them.

N.s. Mirmalek 

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In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
By the morning brightness,( 1 )
by the night when it is calm!( 2 )
Your Lord has neither forsaken you nor is He displeased with you,( 3 )
and the Hereafter shall be better for you than the world.( 4 )
Soon your Lord will give you[ that with which ]you will be pleased.( 5 )
Did He not find you an orphan, and shelter you?( 6 )
Did He not find you lost on the way, and guide you?( 7 )
Did He not find you needy, and enrich you?( 8 )
So, as for the orphan, do not treat him with harshness;( 9 )
and as for the one who asks, do not repulse him;( 10 )
and as for your Lord's blessing, proclaim it!( 11 )


In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
Did We not open your breast for you( 1 )
and relieve you of your burden( 2 )
which[ almost ]broke your back?( 3 )
Did We not exalt your name?( 4 )
So verily ease accompanies hardship.( 5 )
Verily ease accompanies hardship.( 6 )
So when you are done, appoint,( 7 )
and turn eagerly to your Lord.( 8 )


Would you like to have an open heart as The Dear Prophet (PBUH) has had?

Here are some precious hints from Az-Zoha and Al-Inshirah suras to help you. Consider the fact that to master in having Sharh-e-Sadr (an open heart/ expanded breast) first you need the guidelines, and then need practice and continuity in it.

1. Believe in permanent beneficent merciful presence of Allah in your life. ( Zoha: 3,6,7,8 and Inshirah: 1,2,3,4)

2. Try to know the Hereafter and your life after this world because it is a better life for you. (Zoha: 4)

3. Ask all the blessings and your needs just from Allah. (Zoha: 5)

4. Believe in Him as the only performer and the only effective source in life(Almighty). (Zoha: 5,6,7,8 and Inshirah: 1,2,3,4)

5. Obey His orders and follow His rules. (Zoha: 9,10, 11 and Inshirah: 7,8)

6. Know the Divine Rules which are, in fact, your life's rules. (Zoha: 1,2,3,4,5 and Inshirah: 5,6)

7. Ask for and accept responsibilities even the hard ones. (Inshirah: 2,3)

8. Pick a new responsibility after fulfilling the last one.(Inshirah: 7)

Note: Sometimes you are blessed with some blessings (Zoha: 6, 7,8) then you are naturally responsible for the people who have the same problems you have had before, and it is not a kind of your selection any more. So, now, help them. (Zoha: 9, 10, 11)

9. Tell the others about the blessings given by Allah. (Zoha: 11)

10. Desire Allah. (Inshirah: 8)

Knowing the guidelines accompanies the responsibility of performing and practicing them.

So: May Allah help us to understand Him well  and move steadily on the Straight Path to have open hearts.


اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد


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Dear all

The Word meanings are introduced as follow

1."Sharaha": To develop in a specific topic,against shrink.

 هو بسط مخصوص فی موضوع، و یقابله القبض‏


هو جعل شی‏ء فی محل‏

3."Vezr":The pressure of something wich is loaded on something else or another place.

 إنّ الوزر صفة و یدلّ على ثقالة فی شی‏ء محمولة على شی‏ء أو محل‏

4."Naghaza":T break and open a firm thing

 هو نکث ما احکم و حلّه‏


 هو مطلق بدوّ فی قبال البطون، بأىّ کیفیّة کان‏


: هو ما یقابل الخفض‏

7."Zekr":To remember something which is forgotten or neglected, either verbally or by heart.

 هو التَّذَکُّر فی قبال الغفلة و النسیان، و هذا المعنى أعمّ من التذکّر بالقلب أو باللسان‏


هو ما یقابل الیسر أى شدّة فی صعوبة و مضیقة


هو سهولة فى سعة، و یقابلها العسر


 هو التخلّى عن اشتغال‏

11."Nasaba":To fix and stand something in a place

 هو تثبیت شی‏ء فی محلّ بالاقامة و الرفع الظاهر

12:"Raghaba":Great desire

 هو المیل الأکید

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Dear All

The "Ensherah" Surah is the mate for "Zoha" surah and they are to be recited in prayer with each other

I ask you to kindly follow the steps carefully

1. Make a power point presentation from zoha surah(It can only focus on a single verse or the whole surah or its words)

2. Draw the same table(as in homework #3) in order to determine the relations(general or detailed) in "Ensherah" surah

3. write down 10 logical statements according to the "Ensherah" surah.

4. From the similarities in both surah's structure try to transport between the two and get to know the contrasts.

5. The compare and contrast between the two should result in 10 other statements. This process is actually using a surah to

    understand the other better.

P.S. A sample for PPT presentation would be introduced in further posts

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