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Zoha-Ensherah Combinational Diagram

Monday, 14 September 2015، 07:36 PM


The Way towards Brightness (the graph)

1-Believing that God has not forsakes us and is not displeased with us

2-The hereafter is better than this present life

3-God has promised to make those who act as their duties joyous in this life and in the hereafter

4-Sympathizing with orphans and the needy and helping them to overcome their problems; practical proclaiming of the grace and favor of the God

5-Continually commence one duty after the other with eagerness for God’s pleasure.

6-The consequence of such behaviorism is the God’s grant of a breast expansion and a tolerance elevation against the difficulties so that the burdens are taken away upon accepting to walk through the God’s path. This will eventually lead to raise of fame for one’s name, what can be counted a relief after a straightened circumstance.

7-Throughout the movement from darkness (Layl) to brightness (Zoha), a man finds the God’s way more easily and deserves more for God’s blessing.

In Zoha surah, description about brightness and darkness, the real blessing is said to be the “Velayat” and the prophet is asked to act and speak so that this blessing becomes apparent. In Ensherah surah, after promising the easiness to follow the difficulties, the holly prophet is ordered to place Amir-al-momenin as the guider of the society, after getting free from his mission duties.

Hopefully, our beliefs to God’s promises will turn to certainty, one day


Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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