School of Foreign Languages

This school plans to introduce Quranic concepts to people familiar to foreign languages and train talented translators, preachers and educators in order to introduce Quran worldwide to the ones we have responsibility for...

In The Name of God the compassionate the merciful

"Foreign Language School" is a school aims toward wide spreading the words of allah; "The Holy Quran" by training talented people as translators, Preachers and educators able to understand Quran and moreover apply it to their own life.
It is logical to think on the human creator words and answer the question that "what does it do to me?". it is of interest that we listen to many people words specially the experienced ones but we haven't even referred to allah words! it is believed that Quran is the manual for divine living and a great deal of our problems is because we are far away from what we should be close to.
We try to think about allah words with the aid of so-called method "Tadabbor". As Imam khomeini states: " Tadabbor or the synchronization with allah words is neccessary in every person's life". Not only is necessary for ourselves we have responsibility for... all around the world.
If God wills