School of Foreign Languages

This school plans to introduce Quranic concepts to people familiar to foreign languages and train talented translators, preachers and educators in order to introduce Quran worldwide to the ones we have responsibility for...

۱ مطلب با موضوع «Methods of Tadabbor 1-5 :: Book Four:Surah-Oriented Tadabbor :: Fussilat Surah» ثبت شده است


In The Name of ALLAH

Fussilat: Explained in detail

Speculated Statements on the Fussilat Sura


1. For the guided believers who are seeking to know the truth, the holy book is  eloquent detail verses expressing the Truth with no ambiguity.

2. The holy book bears glad_tidings as well as warnings for the guided believers whereas the misled disbelievers are turning away and not listening to it.

3. The polytheists deny the holy book in order to act and believe in their own way.

4. While the pagans are showing their enmity through their misdeeds ( such as not paying alms) and their beliefs ( by denying the truth), the guided group believe in the Oneness of Allah, be steadfast in worshiping Him only and seek His forgiveness.

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