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Sura Fussilat

Tuesday, 8 December 2015، 09:05 AM

In The Name of ALLAH

Fussilat: Explained in detail

Speculated Statements on the Fussilat Sura


1. For the guided believers who are seeking to know the truth, the holy book is  eloquent detail verses expressing the Truth with no ambiguity.

2. The holy book bears glad_tidings as well as warnings for the guided believers whereas the misled disbelievers are turning away and not listening to it.

3. The polytheists deny the holy book in order to act and believe in their own way.

4. While the pagans are showing their enmity through their misdeeds ( such as not paying alms) and their beliefs ( by denying the truth), the guided group believe in the Oneness of Allah, be steadfast in worshiping Him only and seek His forgiveness.

5. Allah threaten the pagans for their denial of the holy book being in the eloquent detail verses whereas the guided group are rewarded for their good deeds and right beliefs.

6. A disgracing punishment awaits the misled disbelievers for refusing to accept the Truth and being arrogant against the Divine messengers.

7. Allah command His messenger to say that Allah created the whole world in special manner in addition the whole creatures including the skies and the earth obey Allah willingly.

8. Allah survive those who believe in the truth and be pious whereas the misled believers, called as Allah's enemies, are testified by their own eyes, ears, and skins, speaking against their owners by God's Command, in order to be punished disgracefully for their doubts to the Truth of the holy book and Allah's prophet.

9. Allah command His honored prophet to say that he is like other humans but the only difference is that he receives the Divine revelation and exactly this makes the difference.

10. The disbelievers avoid listening to the revealed words of Qur'an by making noises and saying nonsense words. That's why, they are punished by severe chastisements in this world and Hereafter.

11. The Allah's enemies are permanently remained in the Hell_Fire for their denial.

12. Allah's Angels encourage the guided believers not to fear nor be grieved because they believe in the Creator_Nurturer and they will enjoy being accompanied by the Angels both in the worldly life and Hereafter.

13. Allah command humans not to worship the sun, the moon and alike as all of them were created by Him. Therefore, they must only kneel down in front of the Creator _Nurturer of the whole world .

14. By reminding the growth of green plants from the dead ground after raining , we should remember the Resurrection Day and the revival of all deaths by Allah's Command.

15. The misled group attempt to hinder others hearing the detailed verses of  Qur'an and bring its clear words under question to cause conflict in it as the the former disbelievers did with the holy book of Moses prophet but Allah say the holy Book is never influenced nor dominated by falsehood since it is revealed by the Source_Knowledge Commander.

16. Although the Holy Qur'an is perfectly eloquent, there are two different reactions towards it as:

on one hand , the guided believers consider it as a guide and a healing source for their souls; on the other hand, the misled groups pretend not perceive its words as it seems ambiguous and far_fetched.

17. There is nothing better than saying, "I am one of the Muslims."; however, those, who turn away from the Truth out of their arrogance and consider partners for the Creator_Nurturer of the whole worlds, can not bring any proof for what they claimed in the Hereafter.

 18. If a devil or "shar" touches human, he becomes hopeless and is lost in despair; while a guided believer finds Qur'an as a guide and a healing source for his own soul.

19. The holy Qur'an was revealed in clear eloquent detail verses to an honored messenger who was a human like us but enabled to receive Divine revelation by Allah whose Knowledge encompasses all things and is the Witness over all things.

20. When in near future Allah show humans His Sign throughout the universe as well as in their own souls to prove that the holy Qur'an is the Truth, the misled believers will understand there is no escape for them and their false deities which they invoked to them in past will disappear from their sights.

F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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