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۴ مطلب با موضوع «Planning» ثبت شده است



In The Name of One Who Causes

The Grain and the Fruit-stone to Split and Sprout


Imam Ali (Salute to Him):

“O, Allah! Make my inner self to be involved with praising and worshiping You in the world…”


Human has been approaching the deadline of his life through passing the moments step by step. Achieving his major and minor aims has been donein these moments and his eternal life is written through this passage. Therefore, it is necessary to manage his life bit by bit by making hard effortsalong with using his wisdom and thought. In order to use his precious lifetime properly, he should pay attention to various issues avoiding his ignoranceand forgetfulness. Some of these issues are as follows:


1.     The role of religion in arranging a plan


Human has a self-determination and power of choice. This makes him either pursue his prosperity or deviate from the prosperity path and reach wretchedness.

The prosperity path is a definite way with an obvious beginning and end. Its constituent elements are clearly defined by the Divine messengers.Each and every mankind, with any belief, has a faith based on which having a plan leading him to either prosperity or misery.

Hence, the nature of belief and faith is to have a plan. That’s why, a religion includes a collection of programs by which human will be obliged. It is important to know how understanding a religion could help him in arranging a plan for his life.


      Imam Mohammad Baqer (Salute to Him) narrates from his father quoting Imam Ali (Salute to Him) as:

      “A man does not discover the truth of faith otherwise he has three features: understanding religion, being patient in calamities, and  having a proper planning in his life.”                                        

                                                                                     p.85, vol.68; Bahar Al Anvar


Alike the purpose of religion, what is attempted to access in planning and a program is to attain a goal. Each individual should at first be aware ofthis path, then, based on it, move step by step in accordance with his own general final purpose in his life. In this process, he is obliged to think ofhis true needs, destiny and the end of his own life as well as its stages. So this “planning” means to design a map on the basis of what is existing atthe present time besides what he considers for himself to reach in future.

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In the Name of ALLAH


Managing and planning in life is a sort of attentive strive in optimal use of life moment to moment. This starts with recognizing the real needs and differentiating them from unreal ones. It moves toward choosing and attaining to the right goals in order to have a prosperous life. This managing and planning is to satisfy all needs by multilateral and appropriate programs. Struggling on the way of considered goals, having vast evaluation of one's performance as well as avoiding any success obstacles and damages on planning lead a person to his actual life and eternal prosperity.

Based on mentioned point, it is essential to have a moment_to_ moment plan for helping human move towards his optimal destiny. In order to design and perform such a planning, at least three principles should be considered as:

1st Principle

***Existing Level:

If each person knows that he is standing on a perfection step, it is necessary to notice he lacks the higher step; so as to reach it, he must act, purify his will and purpose more, make his horizontal perspective broader. Being eager to go to the higher step along with concerning of getting stuck in the same stage causes a double attempt and struggle. Surely, the secret of elevation to the higher level is to pass the lower one. That's why, we should learn that the process of reaching the higher step of perfection is a gradual and constant matter. 

2nd Principle

***There is an intention and its components

We should believe that we were not created in vain. All moments and events in life have a purpose one by one. Besides, what is more important is the type of chosen goal, a will and a purpose to be in accordance with God's will in creating the whole universe. Whatever human does, it has a positive or negative result. There is no neutral result. Positive actions are in harmony with natural structure. Therefore, they raise consequences in accordance with it. Whereas, undoubtedly, negative actions are on the contrary to the natural structure and doom to fail and ruin in their own nature. 

3rd Principle

*** Existing Deadline and Opportunity:

Having a specific period of time for human to express each of his capabilities is so vital that ignoring it may lead to an everlasting loss. By considering this principle, performing an action and gaining knowledge depend on the period of one's life. Not realizing the given opportunities definitely ends in losing them; that is a loss.

Extracted from: Foundation and Skills of Planning

F. Arjmandi

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Planning  Skills

Planning  Skills include management of time, skill ,people ,and resources. Among different reasons of planning, limitation of life time and the necessatity for referring to real knowledge  are the most important ones that make such process important for us.

Evevry planning should have three parts of structure, basis, and skills.

Knowing the structure of human being (including senses, imagination, thinking, inspiration, knowledge, faith, action, and finally attention) is the prerequisite of planning structure.

Planning structure has three parts of goal, need, and schedule. Goal is the most important one that shape and determine the two other parts.We should bear in mind to distinguish real goals from unreal ones. Real goals refer to God attributes. It means whatever we do or plan to do should lead us to one of God’s attributes for example I plan in order to have security (to get closer to “Amn” ) or I want to be healthy (to get closer to “Salam”). In contrast to real goals are unreal goals that are whatever that does not lead to God’s attributes. These goals are futal and make us no where. May be we reach them and be satisfied for some times but after a while our feeling changes and feel empty.

The basis of our programming is shaped by our priorieties. Listing the tasks and then according to their necessities giving priority to them is the next step. At this stage programms can be divided into short term (acute) or long term (chronic). Short term programms have the prioriority, they should be finished in short time whereas long term programms can last a year or a life time.

One important thing to keep in mind is the speed. Haste should be avoided since it is destructive, however speed is essential.Fast speed means taking actions in shorter period of time. This accelerate the process of reaching the goals.

The last but not the least part is evaluation. Most plannings are left incomplete because of deficiency in this part. Evaluation can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Then there should be a record of what has (not) been done successfully. Make a report card for yourself.


M. Nili




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“In the name of God”

A Brief Discussion of Planning Class                                                                                   N. Albeheshti


Planning in a glance can cover lots of matters. Programs, activities, managements, needs, priorities, deadlines, paths, efficiency, human resources, critical paths, evaluating, simultaneous activities, prerequisites, results, possibilities, obstacles, skills and science.

One of the main reasons and necessity of planning is time limitation for human beings. Life is not so long and death is sure accident for everyone. There are different jobs to be done. Therefore, this issue is so serious. We need true knowledge to know what truth is and what should be done in priority.  

So we should refer to constant and real things; Allah, Din and Quran. The true science from our creator is described in “Quran” as the “Hanif Din”.            

Din describes a complete plan for human beings to move toward a perfect person.  Quran is the only true reference for our life plan.

Planning for human beings contains three sub item:

- Structure (frame)

- Base (criteria)

- Skills

The structure of planning should coincide to the human being structure.  Human being structure’s components are: Sense and thought (feeling and phantom), intellection (reasoning) and inspiration, meditation, science, belief, deed, action and attention that shows horizon.

The structure of planning contains three main items: needs, program and goal. For description of these items we refer to Quran:

    Needs:   According to Zoha Surah, three main needs and satisfactions are guardianship “یَتِیمًا فَاوَى”, guidance “ضَالاًّ فَهَدَى” and financial ability “عَائلًا فَأَغْنىَ”. These three factors refer to Lordship “ربوبیت”, “ownership” مالکیت and Divinity “الوهیت”.

     Program:   Human beings should have a plan to manage to have a better relation with God, with themselves and with others. Planning could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and more. Some activities are constant and some are variable.

      Goal: True goals should be towards God.

In conclusion, evaluating our plan and actions is important for rectification.                


Nahid Albeheshti                                                                                  

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