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A Brief Discussion of Planning

Tuesday, 27 October 2015، 12:58 AM

“In the name of God”

A Brief Discussion of Planning Class                                                                                   N. Albeheshti


Planning in a glance can cover lots of matters. Programs, activities, managements, needs, priorities, deadlines, paths, efficiency, human resources, critical paths, evaluating, simultaneous activities, prerequisites, results, possibilities, obstacles, skills and science.

One of the main reasons and necessity of planning is time limitation for human beings. Life is not so long and death is sure accident for everyone. There are different jobs to be done. Therefore, this issue is so serious. We need true knowledge to know what truth is and what should be done in priority.  

So we should refer to constant and real things; Allah, Din and Quran. The true science from our creator is described in “Quran” as the “Hanif Din”.            

Din describes a complete plan for human beings to move toward a perfect person.  Quran is the only true reference for our life plan.

Planning for human beings contains three sub item:

- Structure (frame)

- Base (criteria)

- Skills

The structure of planning should coincide to the human being structure.  Human being structure’s components are: Sense and thought (feeling and phantom), intellection (reasoning) and inspiration, meditation, science, belief, deed, action and attention that shows horizon.

The structure of planning contains three main items: needs, program and goal. For description of these items we refer to Quran:

    Needs:   According to Zoha Surah, three main needs and satisfactions are guardianship “یَتِیمًا فَاوَى”, guidance “ضَالاًّ فَهَدَى” and financial ability “عَائلًا فَأَغْنىَ”. These three factors refer to Lordship “ربوبیت”, “ownership” مالکیت and Divinity “الوهیت”.

     Program:   Human beings should have a plan to manage to have a better relation with God, with themselves and with others. Planning could be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and more. Some activities are constant and some are variable.

      Goal: True goals should be towards God.

In conclusion, evaluating our plan and actions is important for rectification.                


Nahid Albeheshti                                                                                  

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