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۲۵ مطلب با موضوع «Methods of Tadabbor 1-5 :: Book Four:Surah-Oriented Tadabbor» ثبت شده است


In The Name of ALLAH

Fussilat: Explained in detail

Speculated Statements on the Fussilat Sura


1. For the guided believers who are seeking to know the truth, the holy book is  eloquent detail verses expressing the Truth with no ambiguity.

2. The holy book bears glad_tidings as well as warnings for the guided believers whereas the misled disbelievers are turning away and not listening to it.

3. The polytheists deny the holy book in order to act and believe in their own way.

4. While the pagans are showing their enmity through their misdeeds ( such as not paying alms) and their beliefs ( by denying the truth), the guided group believe in the Oneness of Allah, be steadfast in worshiping Him only and seek His forgiveness.

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Dear Classmates

Based on the table drawn on page 157 of "Sura-Oriented" Tadabbor book, please write down as much connecting logical statements as possible.

Keep in mind that the relations should be based on the column header topics and in accordance with the existing connections in "Ehkam" verse itself.

Good Luck

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Dear Classmates

The recorded voice for the 36th session(In Farsi) on "Ehkam-Tafsil" or "General and detailed subjects based on Fussilat sura can be downloaded below:



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In the name of Allah

Am I A Belier of The Truth or Not?

As one of the lessons in our ‘Tadabbor’ course we worked on sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ (The Emissaries), and then we were supposed to write down our understanding as an assignment to post on the blog.

First of all here is some information about the subject of this sura for you dear readers. The main issue in sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ is warning the beliers and rejectors of The Truth about their horrible beliefs and wrongdoings. This important issue is divided into ten groups of verses, and at the end of every group there is a repeated verse which says, On that Day woe to the beliers of The Truth!”  

In fact, in every group some prominent aspects are mentioned to draw our attention to The Truth lying beyond them.

The first thing coming to my mind after studying the sura was making some questions about any group of the verses, and then asking them from myself as the first available one around. I did so, and it was a very great reminder about what I believe in, where I am standing, the shortages I am facing now, and the challenge I demand to deal with for my own sake. Then, I thought it could be shared as my assignment on the blog with hope it would be a reminder for you as well.

So, here are some questions according to sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ to challenge beliefs and actions:

- Do I believe that by descending Revelation/ Quran, Allah has perfectly reminded all do’s and don’ts according to my needs? Do I believe that He has always been doing so without any hesitation or stop? How much do I refer to Quran to see what He wants me to do?

- How much do I believe in Resurrection Day in Hereafter which is the day of separation between Truth and Falsehood? And which side am I going to stand on that Day?

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In the Name of ALLAH

Sura Al_ Mursalat : The Divine Emissaries

Revealed at Mecca

This sura is revealed with respect to the Hereafter issues as well as threatening the disbelievers who deny the Truth by their lies. The belied people are threaten 10 times in this sura since their principle root of disbelief and paganism is hidden in attentively covering the Truth by their lies.

The beginning verses are pertaining to vowing to the Divine Angels which are swiftly being sent one after another to spread the Divine Truth( Haq) among messengers. These angels with their divine Truth cause to distinguish the Truth (Haq) from falsehood (Batel). By reaching revelation to the messengers, the proof and justification for the good_doers and warning for the wrong_doers is perfected. All in all these swears are to assure human that the fact of Hereafter, stated in the whole holy Book esp. this sura, surely and surely happens with no doubt.

However, on the Day of Separation, woe to the belied people who deviate the Truth trends by their lies. As they deny the Resurrection Day; that's why, they are punished severely with no chance to bring any excuses for their lies again. These disbelievers allow themselves to commit any crime and wrong_doings in their worldly life; besides, they obstacle human's progress and growth to access any divine blessings by their lies and denial of the Definite Truth of the Hereafter.

" In what other word than this Holy Qur'an will these people believe?"  verse 50/ Al_Mursalat sura

F. Arjmandi

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Dear Classmates

As you can remember we were covering the 4th book or in other words the methods of classification in each sura.

So far we reached the subject "Ehkam & Tafsil" or "General subjects Vs. Details"

Here we face "Situation-free verses" presenting general subject just like introduction or conclusion in an essay. furthermore, "Situation-based Verses" are the verses containing details pertaining to the general subject just like the body part of the essay or the supporting idea.

The question is how can we find the SFVs? There exists a fact that mainly starting(ending) verses are the SFVs. Based on this, please read through "Fosselat" sura and try to classify it according to the first verse of the sura then write down 20 logical statements from the possible relations.

The following table can help you:

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In The Name of ALLAH


A Classification Of Verses based on Facts:

Naturally, all_mentioned facts in the sura is to guide human. These firm and stable facts justify the necessity of having a belief. Among these facts, it is possible to make a sort of categorizations as:

1) Some facts, such as the existing Qur'an, facts pertaining to the Allah's Names and attributions and also the Hereafter, have a higher glorification and exaltation comparing to other facts. That is, their horizontal perspective and dominancy is to the extent as if the other facts are introduced as their subdivisions. 

2) Some facts are about human and will happen by him; but not specify to a believer or a disbeliever, including the existence of Angels accompanying human. 

In addition to the above_mentioned point, in this group, there are some facts which are occurring in the whole world independent from human; yet, it is required for human to take a lesson by its observation; as an instance, "And We sent down the blissful rain from the sky and We produced with it gardens and grains for harvest" ( verse 9/ Qaf sura)

3) Some facts specifically related to believers and some other ones to disbelievers such as presenting actions of each of the confronting the Truth. Defining Faith and disbelief is naturally lead to express behaviors and confrontations.

First Group Facts.......... Facts having glory and existing dominancy

       Second Group Facts..........Facts forming by human being

                 Third Group Facts..........Facts pertaining to human as believer and disbeliever 

Extracting from: The Sura_Oriented Book

F. Arjmandi 

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In The Name of ALLAH

Qaaf: One of the Divine Abbreviated Letters

Revealed at Mecca


Mankind with his various needs, events, confrontations and challenges is a substrate for the occurrence of the Divine Signs( Ayat) and naturally by passing the steps and being in his own growth stages, he will require more knowledge, spirituality and support.

Revealing facts in the whole world and in human aspect according to his needs in different substrates is called "Tafsil" or detail since, in this condition , a fact is appeared and acted in various substrates item by item. 

The Holy Qur'an informs human on these detailed facts and declares a sort of guidance in accordance with his needs. Based on this, by studying Qur'an, it would be possible to perceive the required detailed facts; i.e., each Qur'an verse is in the position of detail ( Tafsil) of a truth and human could gain knowledge and an attention to the Creator's recognition. 

Regarding to this, each of verses could be classified into two knowledge and perception aspects. The subject of verses could be the base of this classification. Hereby, it would be possible to differentiate between suras referring to their scientific contents which helps us to disclose the specific facts of each sura.

The essential point to notice pertaining to verses differentiation is that this detail (Tafsil) finds its meaning in two aspects of human being; 1) human as a criterion: that is, the messenger and 2) other humans. Those facts which have a high horizon are defined in the messenger aspect. By this means, the grade of facts varies to the human's eminence and by considering this fact, it would be possible to differentiate sura verses.

Additionally, each action in human is formed on the basis of a perception. By expressing facts, Qur'an provides the grounds of presenting beliefs, states, attributions, actions and deeds. In order to know how it is possible to recognize the detailed suras based on human knowledge and perception, we will study the Qaf sura.

Extracted from: The Sura_ Oriented Book

F. Arjmandi 

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In The Name of ALLAH

Muzzammil : The one folded up in a wrap ( of the social commitment burden)

Revealed at Mecca

By "Human actions", it means occurrences, events, manners and attributions of human which are put into practice. In Quranic culture, these human's actions are generally perceived in the form of statements particularly in the form of imperative and prohibition, attributions and consequences. 

"Facts" mean the fixed laws being current in the whole universe or in human's field. These laws back the human actions. As an instance, in each sura some verses express the human actions and some others express the Facts. Although some verses reveal some human actions based on Facts; such as verses which state Facts of the Divine Names along with command to human.

These verses are the chain_like links between Facts and human actions; in deed, it is possible to reach the required connection for disclosing the facts by these verses.

The classification regarding the human actions and Facts are actually provided with the feasible and practical perspective of each sura based on which introducing insights, viewpoints, thoughts, beliefs leading to positive actions or preventing negative actions in human.

In order to achieve a better perception of this sort of classification, we follow up the reciting of Muzzsmmil sura.

1st Movement: Reciting the sura and studying its subjects

Notice the emphatic or imperative form of verses

2nd Movement: The sequential classification of the sura

Based on Al_Mizan's Interpretation ( The Quran Interpretation Book), one of the ways of studying the sequential classification is to use the Al_Mizan interpretation classification as follows:

1st group: verses 1_19

This sura commands to the honored prophet( PBUH) to perform night_prayer so as to be ready and well_prepared to meet a divine commitment in society soon which is to receive the Holy Qur'an by Divine Revelation. Additionally, he was commanded to be patient with the baseless and wothless words of disbelievers against the prophet and keep away from them in a proper manner. In these verses, there are some threats and dissuations from the affluent disbelievers.

2nd group: Verse 20

This verse is to lessen the command to the prophet(PBUH) at the beginning of the sura and in mid_sura to the whole believers pertaining to performing the night_prayer. With respect to this verse, Allah find it adequate for believers to recite Qur'an as much it is possible and easy for them. Therefore, this verse is to decrease the sura's beginning command , not to prevent, rising up for the night_prayer at two_third or one_half and/or one_third of night.

Extracted from:  Sura_Oriented Tadabbor Book

F. Arjmandi

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Dear Classmates

Our new lesson focuses on classifying each sura into “facts” and “human actions”.

We call the verses containing a constant law over the time and in different conditions “Fact”. These verses are mainly in the “Esmie” form which contains a noun. Signs like “اِنَّ” can be used to diagnose these sentences. They are informative sentences like “ان الله علی کل شیء قدیر God has power over all the things.

The verses talking about human actions and reactions are classified as “Human actions”. These verses are mainly in the “Felieh” form which contains a verb. They are imperative sentences like “قم فانذر” rise up and warn.

Point1: One can find out the facts behind the actions and vice versa. For instance when I say “Clean the board” I have asked you to do an action. You also realize that “the board is dirty”.

Point2: Some verses fit under both categories. They are called mediators or Key verses. They act as a bridge between the facts and human actions.

Point3: By such classification you can compare the suras by their specific facts and also human actions or you can track that majority of the verses are about facts or human outputs.

Point4: Remember that the classification might be done really fast but discovering the relation between the columns is much more important. We need logical statements!

We are going to apply the mentioned classification on “Mozzamel” sura and fill in the following table…


Human actions






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