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Food For Thought#7 On Qaf Sura

Monday, 7 September 2015، 12:45 AM

In The Name of ALLAH


A Classification Of Verses based on Facts:

Naturally, all_mentioned facts in the sura is to guide human. These firm and stable facts justify the necessity of having a belief. Among these facts, it is possible to make a sort of categorizations as:

1) Some facts, such as the existing Qur'an, facts pertaining to the Allah's Names and attributions and also the Hereafter, have a higher glorification and exaltation comparing to other facts. That is, their horizontal perspective and dominancy is to the extent as if the other facts are introduced as their subdivisions. 

2) Some facts are about human and will happen by him; but not specify to a believer or a disbeliever, including the existence of Angels accompanying human. 

In addition to the above_mentioned point, in this group, there are some facts which are occurring in the whole world independent from human; yet, it is required for human to take a lesson by its observation; as an instance, "And We sent down the blissful rain from the sky and We produced with it gardens and grains for harvest" ( verse 9/ Qaf sura)

3) Some facts specifically related to believers and some other ones to disbelievers such as presenting actions of each of the confronting the Truth. Defining Faith and disbelief is naturally lead to express behaviors and confrontations.

First Group Facts.......... Facts having glory and existing dominancy

       Second Group Facts..........Facts forming by human being

                 Third Group Facts..........Facts pertaining to human as believer and disbeliever 

Extracting from: The Sura_Oriented Book

F. Arjmandi 

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