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Saturday, 21 November 2015، 09:59 AM

Dear Classmates

As you can remember we were covering the 4th book or in other words the methods of classification in each sura.

So far we reached the subject "Ehkam & Tafsil" or "General subjects Vs. Details"

Here we face "Situation-free verses" presenting general subject just like introduction or conclusion in an essay. furthermore, "Situation-based Verses" are the verses containing details pertaining to the general subject just like the body part of the essay or the supporting idea.

The question is how can we find the SFVs? There exists a fact that mainly starting(ending) verses are the SFVs. Based on this, please read through "Fosselat" sura and try to classify it according to the first verse of the sura then write down 20 logical statements from the possible relations.

The following table can help you:

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