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A brief of Sura Al_ Mursalat

Tuesday, 24 November 2015، 08:32 PM

In the Name of ALLAH

Sura Al_ Mursalat : The Divine Emissaries

Revealed at Mecca

This sura is revealed with respect to the Hereafter issues as well as threatening the disbelievers who deny the Truth by their lies. The belied people are threaten 10 times in this sura since their principle root of disbelief and paganism is hidden in attentively covering the Truth by their lies.

The beginning verses are pertaining to vowing to the Divine Angels which are swiftly being sent one after another to spread the Divine Truth( Haq) among messengers. These angels with their divine Truth cause to distinguish the Truth (Haq) from falsehood (Batel). By reaching revelation to the messengers, the proof and justification for the good_doers and warning for the wrong_doers is perfected. All in all these swears are to assure human that the fact of Hereafter, stated in the whole holy Book esp. this sura, surely and surely happens with no doubt.

However, on the Day of Separation, woe to the belied people who deviate the Truth trends by their lies. As they deny the Resurrection Day; that's why, they are punished severely with no chance to bring any excuses for their lies again. These disbelievers allow themselves to commit any crime and wrong_doings in their worldly life; besides, they obstacle human's progress and growth to access any divine blessings by their lies and denial of the Definite Truth of the Hereafter.

" In what other word than this Holy Qur'an will these people believe?"  verse 50/ Al_Mursalat sura

F. Arjmandi

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