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Am I A Belier of The Truth or Not

Wednesday, 2 December 2015، 05:12 PM

In the name of Allah

Am I A Belier of The Truth or Not?

As one of the lessons in our ‘Tadabbor’ course we worked on sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ (The Emissaries), and then we were supposed to write down our understanding as an assignment to post on the blog.

First of all here is some information about the subject of this sura for you dear readers. The main issue in sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ is warning the beliers and rejectors of The Truth about their horrible beliefs and wrongdoings. This important issue is divided into ten groups of verses, and at the end of every group there is a repeated verse which says, On that Day woe to the beliers of The Truth!”  

In fact, in every group some prominent aspects are mentioned to draw our attention to The Truth lying beyond them.

The first thing coming to my mind after studying the sura was making some questions about any group of the verses, and then asking them from myself as the first available one around. I did so, and it was a very great reminder about what I believe in, where I am standing, the shortages I am facing now, and the challenge I demand to deal with for my own sake. Then, I thought it could be shared as my assignment on the blog with hope it would be a reminder for you as well.

So, here are some questions according to sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ to challenge beliefs and actions:

- Do I believe that by descending Revelation/ Quran, Allah has perfectly reminded all do’s and don’ts according to my needs? Do I believe that He has always been doing so without any hesitation or stop? How much do I refer to Quran to see what He wants me to do?

- How much do I believe in Resurrection Day in Hereafter which is the day of separation between Truth and Falsehood? And which side am I going to stand on that Day?

- Do I believe that while committing any small or big sin I am ruining myself exactly like I am making myself dirty with some unbearable unseen dirt? Do I believe that committing sins is like destroying my own body and soul at the very moment?

- Do I ever remember how much unable I am compared with the Almighty? Do I believe in Allah as The Only Powerful One?

 - Do I remember I have a very limited time living here not to waste it?

- Do I believe that for me the earth is the most sufficient and secured place prepared with every possible thing I need for my life? Do I understand the sensibility of The Creator while preparing this place for me?

- Do I believe that one Day I face the Promised Punishment? Or I think it is too far away from me? Do I believe on that Day I am not anything else but an incapable creature who cannot even apologize or make any excuses for her wrongdoings and rejection? Do I know no one is able to have any possible plot against Allah on the Day? Do I believe that all and all humans are going to be present no matter they are the ancients or new generations? No one is an exception!


- Do I believe that only in case of being a pious person and a good-doer, I am rewarded with perfect prizes in Hereafter?

- Do I ever know and believe that all and all the worldly prosperity the sinners own is not anything but little joyful temporal property? Like a kind of cheap worthless toy they play with for a limited time! Do I know it is the only thing they can have and nothing more and further than that?

- Am I a modest worshiper for Allah? Someone who modestly bows down in prayer in His presence?

- And as a reminder of the first question: Do I believe in Quran as the perfect and significant reminder sent to me by my Only Almighty Merciful Creator who knows everything about me and my needs?


The answers given to the questions clarify who we are, what we believe in, where we are standing, the shortages we are facing now, and the challenge we demand to deal with for our own sake. And we can find out,"Are we the addressees for the repeated warning in sura ‘Al-Mursalat’ which says,On that Day woe to the beliers of The Truth!’ or not???”



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