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Classification Methods-Facts and Human actions

Monday, 31 August 2015، 07:48 AM

Dear Classmates

Our new lesson focuses on classifying each sura into “facts” and “human actions”.

We call the verses containing a constant law over the time and in different conditions “Fact”. These verses are mainly in the “Esmie” form which contains a noun. Signs like “اِنَّ” can be used to diagnose these sentences. They are informative sentences like “ان الله علی کل شیء قدیر God has power over all the things.

The verses talking about human actions and reactions are classified as “Human actions”. These verses are mainly in the “Felieh” form which contains a verb. They are imperative sentences like “قم فانذر” rise up and warn.

Point1: One can find out the facts behind the actions and vice versa. For instance when I say “Clean the board” I have asked you to do an action. You also realize that “the board is dirty”.

Point2: Some verses fit under both categories. They are called mediators or Key verses. They act as a bridge between the facts and human actions.

Point3: By such classification you can compare the suras by their specific facts and also human actions or you can track that majority of the verses are about facts or human outputs.

Point4: Remember that the classification might be done really fast but discovering the relation between the columns is much more important. We need logical statements!

We are going to apply the mentioned classification on “Mozzamel” sura and fill in the following table…


Human actions






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