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Foundations and skills of Planning #1

Tuesday, 27 October 2015، 07:40 PM

In the Name of ALLAH


Managing and planning in life is a sort of attentive strive in optimal use of life moment to moment. This starts with recognizing the real needs and differentiating them from unreal ones. It moves toward choosing and attaining to the right goals in order to have a prosperous life. This managing and planning is to satisfy all needs by multilateral and appropriate programs. Struggling on the way of considered goals, having vast evaluation of one's performance as well as avoiding any success obstacles and damages on planning lead a person to his actual life and eternal prosperity.

Based on mentioned point, it is essential to have a moment_to_ moment plan for helping human move towards his optimal destiny. In order to design and perform such a planning, at least three principles should be considered as:

1st Principle

***Existing Level:

If each person knows that he is standing on a perfection step, it is necessary to notice he lacks the higher step; so as to reach it, he must act, purify his will and purpose more, make his horizontal perspective broader. Being eager to go to the higher step along with concerning of getting stuck in the same stage causes a double attempt and struggle. Surely, the secret of elevation to the higher level is to pass the lower one. That's why, we should learn that the process of reaching the higher step of perfection is a gradual and constant matter. 

2nd Principle

***There is an intention and its components

We should believe that we were not created in vain. All moments and events in life have a purpose one by one. Besides, what is more important is the type of chosen goal, a will and a purpose to be in accordance with God's will in creating the whole universe. Whatever human does, it has a positive or negative result. There is no neutral result. Positive actions are in harmony with natural structure. Therefore, they raise consequences in accordance with it. Whereas, undoubtedly, negative actions are on the contrary to the natural structure and doom to fail and ruin in their own nature. 

3rd Principle

*** Existing Deadline and Opportunity:

Having a specific period of time for human to express each of his capabilities is so vital that ignoring it may lead to an everlasting loss. By considering this principle, performing an action and gaining knowledge depend on the period of one's life. Not realizing the given opportunities definitely ends in losing them; that is a loss.

Extracted from: Foundation and Skills of Planning

F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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