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Tuesday, 27 October 2015، 03:28 PM

Planning  Skills

Planning  Skills include management of time, skill ,people ,and resources. Among different reasons of planning, limitation of life time and the necessatity for referring to real knowledge  are the most important ones that make such process important for us.

Evevry planning should have three parts of structure, basis, and skills.

Knowing the structure of human being (including senses, imagination, thinking, inspiration, knowledge, faith, action, and finally attention) is the prerequisite of planning structure.

Planning structure has three parts of goal, need, and schedule. Goal is the most important one that shape and determine the two other parts.We should bear in mind to distinguish real goals from unreal ones. Real goals refer to God attributes. It means whatever we do or plan to do should lead us to one of God’s attributes for example I plan in order to have security (to get closer to “Amn” ) or I want to be healthy (to get closer to “Salam”). In contrast to real goals are unreal goals that are whatever that does not lead to God’s attributes. These goals are futal and make us no where. May be we reach them and be satisfied for some times but after a while our feeling changes and feel empty.

The basis of our programming is shaped by our priorieties. Listing the tasks and then according to their necessities giving priority to them is the next step. At this stage programms can be divided into short term (acute) or long term (chronic). Short term programms have the prioriority, they should be finished in short time whereas long term programms can last a year or a life time.

One important thing to keep in mind is the speed. Haste should be avoided since it is destructive, however speed is essential.Fast speed means taking actions in shorter period of time. This accelerate the process of reaching the goals.

The last but not the least part is evaluation. Most plannings are left incomplete because of deficiency in this part. Evaluation can be done daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Then there should be a record of what has (not) been done successfully. Make a report card for yourself.


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