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Assignment #7 on Sura Inshirah

Thursday, 10 September 2015، 06:41 AM

In The Name of ALLAH

Inshirah: The Expansion of Tolerance

Revealed at Mecca

The sura starts with a promising reminder; that is, if God enlarge one's heart to bear the burden of Divine duty, any difficulty even as heavy as a mountain shall not seem unbearable and backbreaking. 

Then the golden questions that their answers may broaden our outlook horizon will be: 

What does it mean " Expanding one's heart capacity"? Besides, if we had an extended capacity to see the value of obstacles in our lifetime, how would we reset our life??? Being more patient, increasing our hardworking, accepting life facts and realities, broadening our insight to meet social as well as individual commitments, promoting our spiritual calmness and peace and many other choices would be included in our life perspective. Wouldn't it be our Creator_Nurturer's Promise to Be so?

After conquering one impossible summit with a God_given tolerance, we should not stop. We must think of overcoming another social hurdle and recharge our battries by eagerly performing our prayer to our Creator_Nurturer in order to be able to promote our direction and plan for its victory. Always we should bear in mind that no difficulty exists forever and each dark cloud has a silver linen.

F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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