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Assignment about Al-inshirah

Wednesday, 9 September 2015، 10:39 PM

In the name of Allah

All of the people have experienced the days that they were so difficult, even reminding them make our hearts ache. We thought with ourselves we can’t bare them and they would never end, but they will as life goes on things get better or we get stronger. Soon they will be a memory that we carry on with ourselves. So these can be an example of this verse “indeed ease accompanies hardship.”  No one’s life stay in the same stage it goes up and down and that is why life is full of unpredictable things but we can be sure with difficultly is surely ease because Allah has guarantee it and as all we know God never break his promises. So from now on whenever we face these situations just remind ourselves it will pass by and we just remember how it felt. Which is a good thing because we gain experience and we can help people when they face the same problem or at least know how they are feeling and stop ourselves from judging them.

N.s. Mirmalek 

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