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On Al-Maoon Surah

Wednesday, 5 August 2015، 11:17 AM

In the name of Allah, our provider of peace and poverty

In this surah, the attention is attracted towards two negative individual and social behaviorisms and “showing off” (ریاء) is demonstrated as the basis common to all religion deniers discussed in the surah. Thee deniers dissemble by beautifying the outer layer of their acts for showing off to others while these acts are not supported by any underlying beliefs or interests.

On the other hand, a religious society fulfilling God’s satisfaction is a society in which people obey holly chiefs (Imams) and thereby provide themselves by elevated personal characteristics. That’s to say, with performing personal prayers and purifying themselves from showing off, people obtain spiritual purity. This brightness leads, in turn, to social effects in which people aim to aid the needy and orphans and enjoin others for contributing in that. Therefore, by the aid if religion the society, becomes free from poorness and heartsickness and forms a suitable bed for peace and happiness of the members.

Such a society becomes only feasible in the light of people’s belief in God as the only provider of poverty. Such an ideology will sure demolish all traces of self-glory and proudness.

Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

  • Foreign Language School

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Dear Ms Mesbah
Showing off is like a disease some of us are affected by in different levels. It seems a kind of difficult to purify ourselves perfectly . However, as you mentioned the most reliable way is obeying Allah and following Imams' lifestyle
Thanks for your attention
  • F. Arjmandi
  • Salam

    How is it possible to distinguish this hypocritical disease become epidemic in a society even among the society of so_called religious ones which perform their prayers daily???      a

    Best Regards


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