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Assignment#3 On Al_Ma'un SuraT

Thursday, 6 August 2015، 04:33 AM

In The Name of ALLAH

Al_Ma'un: Alms

Revealed at Mecca

Have you noticed to a plunging progress trend of a society in which the influential affluent are pretending to perform their duties for showing off in front of others ??? Why do they do so? Owing to two main facts 1) their intra_personal beliefs; and consequently,2) their inter_personal actions.

Undoubtedly, Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) can easily see and recognize these sort of people who do not expect to be judged one Day ( as they belied the Judgement Day). They do not believe in being obliged to face their merciless and harsh actions toward persons being left alone with no guidance like an orphan (Yatim) beside not enjoining and encouraging others to feed and motivate persons spiritually or materialistically coming to stagnant and inactivity .

Definitely, owing to their individual profits, these disbelievers of the Judgement Day neglectfully perform their prayers in public, not purely and merely for God but, for being seen by people. Moreover, these hypocrites cause to deviate the healthy progressive trend of a society by refusing and impeding aiding even trivial stuff to the needy in that society. Could you guess what may happen to this ill society in the long run??? In That society all people, who can perfectly be inter_connected to each other by the chain prayers, are to be inactivated and unmotivated by the double_ standard prayers . That's why, Allah Woes to these hypocritical prayers.

F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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