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Do good... even a little

Wednesday, 5 August 2015، 02:42 PM

In this surah Ma’un, Allah tells us what they are doing presently without Belief. A contrast between what they should be doing, and what they are doing instead. Allah’s Messenger is not in social or political power in Mecca, and for him to criticize and point direct fingers at the leaders who have power to harm requires full trust in Allah. One type of people who face injustice in society are the orphans. They have no tribe or clan to support them, so they are all alone and weak. People can abuse, beat up on, hit them – and if no-one is there to support them, nothing will happen against the oppressor. This surah looks like it is discussing 2 distinct groups, because the surah seems divided into two parts :( Part 1: [verses 1-3]) (Part 2: [verses 4-7]). But in reality we will learn that it is referring to 1 group only. And we will reconcile the confusion as to why people originally think it is referring to 2 groups. The first half of the surah is clearly talking about a disbeliever.
The second half of the surah is talking about someone who is praying, although being cheap in that. What kind of low state has this person reached that they still lie against this religion? …

M. S. H. Sadraei

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