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In The Name of ALLAH

In "Word_Oriented Tadabbor" book, we have already learned that each sura consisted of several words chosen based on the intention of that sura which make a cluster or "a society" of words. This society in Quran is composed of words and phrases with positive or negative tendencies, which informing mankind about events and true worldly occurrences leading to guide him through warning and/or encouraging verses.                          

Guiding human to the right path depends on Quran; and undoubtedly, each of Quran suras plays a role in achieving this objective. "Sura" means 1) high and honorable excitement ; 2) great wall and fortification to avoid any invasion;i.e, a great wall in order to surround a number of houses or a city; 3) an important factor in solving and refusing any guidance deficiency to people. The effective factor in leading people and causing them to distinguish between believers and disbelievers. This has always made disbelievers to be frightened of sura ascending. Hence, the overall intention of the Holy Book is to guide people from all wals of life.   

  Each and every sura has its own integrity. Additionally, the purposes and objectives of suras differ from each other; as a result, each sura has particular purpose and specific meaning; in the other words, not until does the sura come to its end, its intention is also not completely fulfilled.  

With respect to a concept of a sura, the importance of studying each Quran sura will be perfectly considered; and based on this, we will be aware of the benefits of this method of studying. Some of its merits are as :   

Each Quran sura includes a number of subjects providing a unique atmosphere by considering a collection of topics and their wholly interlocked connection.

In accordance with the growth stages of human and a society, each sura has a unique position for guiding. To have a clear perception of this position leads to open a sura  based on needs of an individual and a society so as to attain more benefits from this Holy Book, Quran.


The more acquainted (ONS) with suras, the higher benefits we gain from them scientifically and spiritually, due to the fact that each sura has a unique position in scientific and spiritual subjects.    

All in all, "Sura_Oriented Tadabbor" is to unitedly survey a sura in order to access its major and minor subjects for approaching and uncovering its guiding intention. The intention ascended by God is to lead people to the right path. 


F. Arjmandi


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