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Food For Thought#2 on AlHaqqah Sura

Friday, 17 July 2015، 10:25 PM

In The Name of ALLAH


Each of Qur'an Suras states distinctively two trends of the Truth (Haq) and the fake quasi_trend (Batel). The truth trend is to reveal the Divine Blessings leading to the guidance; reversely, the fake quasi_trend, any misleading mischievous movements and tendencies, is opposing the Divine Guidance.     a

Hence, by knowing the truth trend in a sura, we are able to recognize the unseen manifestations were revealed to the prophet (PBUH) and also the rising movements by it in the world as well as in believers and their destinies. Additionally, we could study some social trends of falsehood by their behaviors, notions, prejudices and the outcome and consequences of pursuing false leaders.     a

If we call human actions as social movements, it is not due to attending more than one person in this kind trends but having impact on some aspects of a whole society in which provided a ground for Divine guiding manifestations or vice versa, depriving from the Divine Blessings.     a

Studying the "Al_Haqqah" sura( a thing which is fixed and steady ; its root is "truth" or Haq ; means ascending and actual stability) in accordance with social trends towards the truth considering the following factors are obligatory and necessary:  1) The study of human 2) counter_movements trends  3) Leadership and followers     a

The Study of Human        a

The human features regarding his behavioral characteristics and beliefs could be obtained explicitly from the direct definition of verses about both trends (the truth and the falsehood). Moreover, since both tendencies have some contradictions, it would be possible to infer and deduce some of their features by their counteracts. With respect to these mentioned points, some common features of the misled group are as :       a

Denial and Rebelling verse 10) "And they rebelled against their Creator's Messenger; so Allah seized them with a Severe Torment. verse 49) " And verily, We have made known that there are some among you who belie it       a

Not Believing in God verse 33) "since he was the one who did not believe in Allah, the Great Mighty.    a

Not Believing in the Judgement Day verse 4) "Thamud and Aad people belied the Inevitable Event of the Day of Judgement       a

Annihilated generation and extinction verse 8_10) "Do you see any of that generation alive? Pharaoh and the disbelievers before him and the people of the Overthrown Cities , they all were guilty of committing sin and they rebelled against their Creator's Messenger; so Allah seized them with a Severe Torment."      a

On the other hand, some common features of the guided group are as:     a

Believing in the Judgement Day  verses 19_20) " Then as for him who will be given his record in his right hand, he will say proudly:" Take this record of my deeds and read it." "I did know that I will surely meet with my account."      a

Listening to the truth , accepting and  believing in them  verses 11_ 12) "Verily, <as regards with believers> when the water rose to the level of flood, We carried you in the Ark of Noah, " " So that the story of Noah's Ark may become a reminder for you mankind; and the ears who listen to the Truth Hear it and take admonition."     a

Based on : Sura_Oriented Tadabbor Book


F. Arjmandi 

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