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Food for Thought#3 On "Al_ Haqqah" Sura

Sunday, 19 July 2015، 11:47 AM

In The Name of ALLAH


 Counter_movement Trends**

A) The Truth(Haq)                      a

B) The fake Quasi_trend (Batel)        a

In addition to indicating the characteristics of human behavior and beliefs, some other facts are also expressed in each sura. Probing these facts will show us two counter_movement trends as the truth and fake quasi_trend.       a

 Notice the verse 40) " That this Qur'an is the Word revealed to an honorable Messenger." Regarding to this verse, it could be a truth to distinguish between humans, since this sort of outlook to Qur'an expressed by Allah's messenger who is honorable is not found in the fake Quasi_trend philosophy. We can use the other verses of the sura for having a better recognition of the truth and falsehood trends, as well.     a

 As another instance, we may pay attention to the verses 38_39) " I swear by what you mankind can see > the visible world< and what you cannot see > the unseen world< ; as well as the verse 12) " So that the story of Noah's Ark may become a reminder for you mankind; and the ears who listen to the truth hear it and take admonition." It is possible to conclude by these verses that one of the traits of the truth in this sura is to obey the Divine messenger for comprehending the truths; owning to the fact that all knowing subjects could not be traceable by mankind. That's why, human should take notice that some world's truths are seen whereas some are not which these unseen ones are only and only will be uncovered by God's will to human being by the Allah's messenger.      a

For this reason, the first verses of this sura, verse3) " And what will make you know how the Inevitable Event will happen?", clarifies a higher truth in this sura stating that access to its face is out of human's hand . And if there is not the honorable messenger for manifesting these facts as well as people do not follow the Divine messengers for perceiving them, people will happen to belie as the former generations did. On the other hand, one of the most features of the falsehood trend is to reject the truth and this is due to their disbelieving in the messengers are the prophets appointed by God.    a

By considering the actions and reactions of these two opposing trends, the truth and the falsehood, in this sura, one could sum up that the sura mainly focuses on the counter_movement trends regarding the position of the honorable messenger pertaining to the Divine revelation .    a


F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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