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Food for Thought#4 On "Al_Haqqah" Sura

Sunday, 19 July 2015، 01:05 PM

In The Name of Allah


Reviewing the Leadership and Followers' traits**

Apparently, when we introduce the most faithful believers, or the nearest believers to God  " so_called Moqarebon" as a guiding forerunner; the leadership and guidance of the Truth trend is always with them. This leadership is deemed by one of its dimensions in each sura and attempted to correct the perspective and outlook of human to the leadership and guidance. Therefore, we will achieve the characteristics of the truth leadership and followers by surveying on the traits of the nearest and most faithful believers to God.     a

The most essential characteristics of the Truth followers along with the leadership of such an honorable messenger is to praise and worship Allah. Nevertheless, the leadership of the fake Quasi_ movement trend is not explicitly indicated in this sura,; it is inferred by the common traits of all falsehood leaders that they repel against whoever appointed by God as His messenger, hence the leadership of the fake Quasi-movement trend is by the rebellions against the Divine commands.   a

To sum up, if we redeem the sura's subjects, it is illustrated after the greatness of the Inevitable Event ( Al_Haqqah) and attracted the audience's attention to the denial of the former generations and considered these audience as survivals of the occurred mishap to be guided to the Hereafter scenery in which the position of the Right_handed companions and left_handed companions are restated and then the position of the prophet (PBUH) for the guided ones in addition to differentiating the mentioned groups at the Presence of Allah and His Messenger and His Special Angels.     a

Based on: Sura_Oriented Tadabbor Book


F. Arjmandi

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