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Methods of classification-Hagh & Batel trend

Monday, 20 July 2015، 12:26 AM

Dear classmates

The three previous posts by mi Arjmandi completely describes the lesson, but as a review i would like to mention some points:

1. When we face a surah and we conclude that sequential-subjective classification gives more groups than usual and the topics have discontinuity(in appearance), it is suggested switch to this kind of classification

2. To achieve this, we should make a table with column titles, "Mogharabun- leaders of guidance", "Ashab Yamin - The guided ones", and "ashab shemal - misled ones".

  2.1. Then we should put the verses related to the headings under the suitable column

     2.1.1. The verses containing facts about Allah or nature should be put under "Mogharabun" column because they are the mediators for these fact to reveal and without them nothing could be understood.

  2.2. The most important part would be the analysis of the table by writing logical statements. The analysis can be done through the following path:

     2.2.1. Tracking people: In this part we wish to fin out the relation between the beliefs, actions, directions in a person

               This can be done through analyzing the table vertically and column-wise 

     2.2.2. Truth and fake trend contradiction: Here we compare the trend of guided ones and misled ones with each other and by revering the characteristics we get to know each one better. Keep in mind that reversing should be verified by some verses and validated because such reversal may not be synchronized with the surah intention. The analysis here is done horizontally and row-wise.

     2.2.3. Getting to know the leadership characteristics: Here we are talking about the leaders of truth and fake trend in a surah. This can be done through focusing on "mogharabun" column and investigating their relations with two other groups. By contradiction here we can find fake trend leadership characteristics.

3. This type of classification gives the ability to predict ones destiny or finding the problem roots in society and individual and try to lead all the people synchronize themselves with truth trend in order to survive!

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