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Dear Classmates

As you can remember this topic was covered in brief,, Meaning that all the book was not covered and the surahs were left unread. We decided to cover these topics for completing our teaching task but this class ha a different form.

1. It is totally presentation-based by the members and only in conclusion part we have the teaching part.

2. The teaching would be bi-lingual.

3. All the members should be ready for presentation and they would be randomly chosen.

4. The notion is "One Session - One Surah", so for the person not having dealt with it it would not be useful.

5. All the members have to have an output according to the surah and it should be put on the weblog before their attendance.

  5.1. The table for possible outputs can be downloaded from the link below. you can tick out what you have done in this table:

                                                                 Download-Presentation Models

6. The members without any output are not allowed to attend the class. They can do it behind the class door and by delivering the output they can attend the rest of the class.

7. This course would be performed for 3 trial sessions and with the feedback gained we would decide to continue in this way or change our strategy.

8. We would have the presentation of "miss Kourki" in each session too. Most of the teaching part would be performed by her.

9. Think that we are asked to teach to a group of people or present a conference, So do your best to improve your understandings of each surah by any mean: listening to voices of other classes, attending those classes or discussion and etc.

Download-New Course- Explanation

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