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Some information based on 'Naas' surah

Monday, 20 July 2015، 04:44 PM

'Naas' surah like other surahs in Quran is unique and very special. It particularly mentions three names of Allah, talks about human-Allah relationship considering his needs, weaknesses and deficiencies, and reveals a lot of facts and true points about mankind in social substrates and in his encounter with the others which in the lack of some protection ends up with individual misleading and destruction (and consequently social misleading and destruction). Besides, it introduces the evil surrounding him to show the way and lead him to the safest status and protect him from all that evil.

In confrontation with Allah's names, in fact, you get informed about your own needs and deficiencies. Here in first three verses in 'Naas' surah, you face three names which are 'Rabben Naas', 'Maleken Naas' and 'Elahen Naas'. Each name reveals some secrets about human needs. 'Rab' is the only creator who is able to lead you to your perfection which is the highest degree you can reach considering your abilities and capacity. 'Malek' is the only King, Ruler and Owner, so human who is owned by Him should receive all his life's orders and instructions from Him. 'Elah' shows that human has this need deep inside himself to cherish, love and worship someone or something. However, the only One who deserves to be cherished, loved and worshipped is Allah who is people's only 'Elah' or God.

In the first verse, you see 'A`oozo' which means seek refuge, and then there is 'seek refuge with 'Rabben Naas', 'Maleken Naas' and 'Elahen Naas' that in fact has two parts of Rab-Malek-Elah and 'Naas'. So, 'Naas' which means people in confrontation with other people need to seek refuge with Naas's Rab, Malek and Elah who leads them to perfection, the correct instructions and the true love and connection through worship among the other 'Naas' who can mislead them.

In addition, there is another prominent point at the beginning of the first verse which is 'Ghol' that means express what in your inner side is with any possible means; to do so one should make effort and take action. In fact, 'Ghol A`oozo' mentions the importance and need for action while seeking refuge in 'Rabben Naas', 'Maleken Naas' and 'Elahen Naas', so it is not just saying some words and doing nothing. The true 'A`oozo' is realized through efforts human makes and through actions he takes according to the best and finest instructions given to him all throughout Quran to walk on the way of perfection.

In verse four, it reveals the thing human has to seek refuge from, which is the evil/harm of stealthy whispered temptations. Then in verse five, it mentions the target of that evil in human inner side which is 'Sodoor' or hearts - 'Sodoor' is the plural of 'Sadr' and 'Sadr' is the the part of human inner side which all his understanding is expressed and exports from there; 'Sadr' seems to be weak and tangible in the lack of Allah's protection. And at last, in verse six, it talks about someone from whom human has to seek refuge who are some jinns and 'Naas'.

To sum up, in 'Naas' surah, you notice that human needs to be led to his perfection, to be instructed, and to love and worship, but in his social life and in his confrontation with the others and on his way of perfection there are some evil/Satanic army who are some jinns and 'Naas'/people that whisper stealthy temptations to affect and influence his 'Sadr' and consequently mislead him. Therefore, he has to make some efforts and take some actions for his perfection while seeking refuge in 'Rabben Naas', 'Maleken Naas' and 'Elahen Naas' because He is the Only Creator who is able to guide him to his perfection, the Only Perfect Owner and Instructor, the Only One who deserves to be cherished, loved and worshipped, and the Only Protector who can protect him from all that evil.



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