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A Brief Discussion of An-Nas Surat

Tuesday, 21 July 2015، 11:56 PM

In the Name of Allah


A Brief Discussion of An-Nas Surat


An-Nas surat can also be called Inductions (Elghaat), or Recovery Nature (Fitrat) and Understanding Human Servitude (Obudiyat). This surat trains refugees from an evil.

An-Nas contains an evil beside three havens. One evil is the evil of temptations and the three havens are The Creator (Rab) of mankind, the King (Malik) of mankind and the God (Elahe) of mankind.

Vice versa Al-Falagh Surat contains four evils: entire creatures, darkness of the night when it overtakes whole things, blowers in knots and jealous when jealousy. The one haven is the creature of dawn.

To elucidate it evil of An-Nas surat is more important than Al-Falagh surat. Comparison of evils in these two paired surats shows outer evils in Al-Falagh surat and inner one in An-Nas surat. However, the outer evils can be created from the inner one.

Understanding of the Creator (Rab), the King (Malik) and the God (Elahe) of mankind can improve our life, lifestyle and structure of life respectively. It also helps us to avoid evils of An-Nas and also AL-Falagh surats.



N. Albeheshti



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  • زینب نعیم آبادی
  • Very good comparidon, Mrs.Albeheshti,thanks 🌹
  • زینب نعیم آبادی
  • **comparison

    Dear Ms Albeheshti

    Thanks for your very nice homwork on Naas and Falgh surahs. the comparison is great.

    Best wishes


  • F. Arjmandi
  • Salam
    I always admire ur high understanding and deep perception.

    wish you ever luck


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