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About Nas Surah

Wednesday, 22 July 2015، 11:31 PM
In the name of Allah

       God has created this world and want to give us a complete point of view about this life and more so God has told his messenger to seek refuge in the Lord of men. There is a question here why and when we need protection, of course the time that we face some problems, dangerous situations, etc. So in these situations we want protection but not from everyone. The one who has sufficient knowledge, power, and knows how to deal with that specific problem. And since God is the creator and has absolute power is the only one who knows and can solve all the problems and help us.

        In this surah one of the things that God has warned us about is the temptation that happens for human beings which is not clear. But one of the results of that is postponing and canceling good deeds for later or never. This temptation is the job of Satan that can be done by human beings or jinn.


Narges Sadat Mirmalek Sani


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  • F. Arjmandi
  • salam

    Always there is a blessing hidden in a seed planted and waited for proper time to grow and flourish...

    Trust in God and Keep up ur work
    Dear Ms MirMalek
    Your idea on Nas surah is strong and precise. Thanks for your nice style. I really enjoyed it
    Best wishes


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