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Al-Nas homework

Wednesday, 22 July 2015، 11:08 AM

Al-Nas Surah

I seek refuge” is the key word the “Al-Nas” surah starts with. The first question that comes in mind after hearing this key word is that “from what someone should seek refuge?” However, answering this question is preceded by talking about two other issues due to their importance. Firstly, the human is being called as “Al-Nas” regarding his social perspective. Being the title of the surah and repeated in almost all verses (except verse 4) the emphasis put on this word by the surah is highlighted. Secondly, the one with whom we seek refuge (God) is introduced using three titles whose meanings are in close logical relation with “seeking refuge”. “Lord” (رب) is used according to its meaning in organizing and managing the human and the world he lives in. “King” is used to imply the God’s protection capability provided by the penetration of his commands and, finally, “God” (اله) due to the obedience paid by humans to it.

After introducing the God as the best shelter, the surah talks about the hazard itself. The hazard is caused by the obsessions and doubts caused by whisper of devils and devil-like humans to the “Sadr” of “Nas”. This, in turn, gradually prevents the heart (which is surrounded by Sadr) from positive inspirations posed by God’s memory and the angels. This obstruction eventually damps motivations towards good actions. By the God’s memory being strengthened in someone’s heart (قلب), the devil’s access to “Sadr” can be blocked. This is what the surah intends at the initial verses by repeating the name of God in different forms that also deliver logical correlations with the meanings of the surah.

Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah


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  • F. Arjmandi
  • salam
    well_done!! Everything is possible only if we believe in ourselves and trust our abilities by trusting in God and our hard work.      a

     with Best wishes

    Dear Ms Mesbah

    Thanks for your very nice homework on Naas surah. I really enjoyed reading it

    Best wishes



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