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Assignment#1 On "Nas" Sura

Wednesday, 22 July 2015، 11:07 AM

In The Name of ALLAH

According to this sura ( Nas which means "people"), God commands His honorable messenger, who is as a role model for all nations, to seek refuge with his Creator (RAB), Almighty Ruler (MALEK) and God (ELAH) of mankind from a menace.

Taking refuge with Almighty is not a verbal repetition of these verses but one should keep his beliefs and deeds away from any devilish thoughts and inner temptations as the threat enters to the human's heart (Sadr) where the process and outcome of his beliefs and perceptions emerge; otherwise, it seems he is repeating the names of some prescribed drugs without taking them to cure his illness. 

To wrap it up, one of the most jeopardized harms from which we should take shelter is the wrong moral of destructive thoughts and beliefs, sometimes by the devil_like people and jinni and sometimes by the inner self_temptations whispering in our hearts to deviate us from the right path. That's why, All_Knowing Almighty God of mankind is the best trustworthy shelter to guard our beliefs and perceptions safe. 


F. Arjmandi

  • Foreign Language School

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Dear Ms Arjmandi

I don't know how to thank you for your constant efforts in the class and on the blog. Thanks for all your 'foods for thought' and 'previews' on the lessons. You are a great blessing for us

Best wishes



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