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Nas Surah

Wednesday, 22 July 2015، 08:51 PM

In The Name of Allah

“Nas” surah is seeking refuge to God. God asks his prophet to say “I seek refuge to God” to be protected from temptation. It seems that this temptation is the result of lack of knowledge, ignorance, and inactivity (which is the same as Falagh surah). This temptation causes obstruction and delays the activities that should not be postponed. This lateness is a kind of temptation which happens continously.

Such temptation and delay has grave consequences and because of that we should seek refuge to our “Rabb” as well as “Malek” and “Elah”. It shows that we would be ambushed by a great and constant danger that will attack us in case of our negligence.

Since the danger is very mortal and we can not face it alone we need help. The help should be so comprehensive in order to defend such jeopardy we seek to three names of our God: “Rabb” who is manager and trainer of all our needs; “Malek” who is the owner of kingship,ample strength, and influential order; and “Elah” who is who is the real worshiped, he purifies his servents for himself.


M. Nili Ahmad Abadi

  • Foreign Language School

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  • F. Arjmandi
  • Dear Dr. Nili

    I am always proud of you!
    with Best wishes
    Dear Dr Nili
    your writing includes thought-provoking ideas based on the surah. Thanks for your great attention
    Best wishes


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