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Another method for classification would be looking at the surah with its conditions. The desired condition would be according to ones “Fitrah” and Hagh trend obviously.

The unpleasant condition can be divided into natural unpleasant or uncontrolled condition or the sinful unpleasant condition. By separating these two with each other we can get to some neutral condition having the potential to be guided in the right way as the Hagh trend do or let it be as it is or move in the wrong way just like Batel trend.

So the main advantage in this classification would be not losing the natural unpleasant condition and analyze it as a bad substrate. Also it should be kept in mind that in this type of classification we zoom on the condition and our analysis would be point-wise and in Hagh and Batel trend we focus of the trend and the flow of the truth in different conditions.

The following table is suggested for such classification:

Desired condition

Natural Unpleasant Condition

Sinful Unpleasant Condition








You can mainly find natural Unpleasant Conditions where the surah talks about “Ensan” or human and its fundamental characteristics. Like the following verses:

ان الانسان خلق هلوعا The humankind was created to be greedy

This greed can be guided through gaining good characteristics like leading to perfection and also can end up in jealousy and other bad morals.

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