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About Nasr Surah

Wednesday, 29 July 2015، 11:51 PM

Since I was a child whenever I lost something they have told me to read Nasr surah for finding it and most of the time it worked. It remains me like every blessing that we have been given we don’t use them properly in the way we should. Also like this surah if we have known when there come the help of Allah and the victory is so big (like what happened in Mecca) more than just finding your lost items.

So the thing we can do is being grateful for all the blessing that we have and praise our lord, ask for his forgiveness for not being able to understand and using them in the way we should have.


Narges Sadat Mirmalek Sani

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  • F. Arjmandi
  • Salam

    Sometimes we may lose some items somewhat precious, sometimes we may lose our true beliefs and destiny, yet not realize its value...We always need Allah's Aid to surpass life hurdles.....a

    Best Wishes


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