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Assignment#2 On "Al_Nasr" Sura

Wednesday, 29 July 2015، 02:16 PM

In The Name of ALLAH

Al_Nasr : The Divine Aid

Revealed at Mecca

It had all been started with the voice of the Holy Angel revealing verses from Omniscient ALLah saying as," ( O, Messenger) Recite in the Name of Allah who is your Creator_Nurturer and who Created all creatures of the universe; Allah is the One who taught all sciences through the knowledge of writing with pen" ( Al_ Alaq sura/ verses 1 and 4). And afterwards other verses saying," O, you who have wrapped yourself in a cloak; arise ( Qiam) and proclaim the warning publicly." ( Al_ Muddassir/ 1_2)

Now after 23 years of adversities, pains, and tortures of being away from their homeland and relatives, the honorable prophet( PBUH) received the last sura, Al_Nasr, that " When it comes the Aid of Allah and the victory; Then you will see the people entry Allah's Religion in crowds"  (Al_Nasr/ 1_2)

As a matter of fact, by the Divine Prophecy, the honorable prophet(PBUH) was informed about the upcoming triumph to the Muslims soon, so he decided to cut off pagan's communication and any kind of their retreat through surrounding Mecca in peace. By this means, he avoided any massacre of the city dwellers. Additionally, he demonstrated the main message of Allah's Religion ( Islam) which is the guidance of mankind to the Truth path in peace and mercy. 

Eventually, to remember that all accomplishments are due to the Aid of Allah,in this sura, the Divine Messenger were commanded with thanksgiving and adorning Allah to do Tasbih of the Creator_Nurturer and ask His Forgiveness for refusing any spoiling arrogance and pride since God is the Extreme Repentance Accepter.


 F. Arjmandi  

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  • M. S. H. Sadraei
  • I was wondering if it means that we should keep praising Allah while we are asking for his forgiveness. God knows how many hearts we've been broken and how much sinless we really are. He may asked us to beg forgiveness because we are not fully aware of what we've done... can it be?


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