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Nasr Surah

Wednesday, 29 July 2015، 11:46 AM

In the Name of God

“God” is behind whatever “Nasr” and “Fath” we achieve in our lives. This is the straight and essential soul that overwhelms the surah by providing the basis required for stating the next parts of it. The tendency of people towards God’s “Din” is counted as one of the instances of “Nasr” and “Fath” which the second verse focuses on. The importance of this victory is due to its effect on the success of God in attracting people to what is stated at the rest of this surah and throughout Quran.

“Eza” (when) is used at the beginning of the surah to establish a conditional structure. The condition is occurrence of “Nasr” and “Fath” from Allah.  Before dealing with the main clause, I’d like to talk about the support provided for it which is Allah’s forgiveness. This support is provided by the fact that when God opens a door for people to admire and pray him and ask for his forgiveness and this fortune is exploited, actually and practically, by the people (as the early obeyers of Islam did), they are granted with “Nasr” and “Fath” of Allah. The Allah’s favor to us must continue, in turn, with our acknowledgement in saying and practice with deeper “Tasbih”, “Hamd” and “Esteghfar” in order to open more doors to “Nasr” and “Fath” of Allah. A typical helical (in form of a helix to imply an upward progress of a movement) collection of events occurs, continually, so that we are granted Allah’s favors at the same time we are making a soulful progress.


Seyedeh Maryam Mesbah

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    The more we do Tasbih and be grateful to Allah's Aid and Blessings, the more we ask for God's forgiveness in order to purify our Din...      a

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